Dowsing rods

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Dowsing rods

The art of dowsing has been around for centuries, even millennia. The oldest forms of divination known to man, and has been used for a variety of reasons, including the search for groundwater, the discovery of an unmarked grave sites and determining the sex of the unborn child and even locate ghosts.

How dowsing works actually remains a mystery, but it proved to be formatted minutes over the years. Even “American society doosirs” recognizes that “the reasons unknown procedures work perfectly.”

Standard practice dowsing to find underground water sources. Many cities and provinces and companies keep doser on the payroll. In most cases, the doser bar on form y or two l-shaped rod in his hands. He focuses on what he’s looking for when he finds the right place, Rails will either bend down or across the top of each other. Does anyone know how this works, it simply does not.

The use of dowsing rods to search for ghosts, most doosirs recommends using two l-shaped rods that made of brass or some lightweight metals. Some of the doosirs even use metal coat hangers, so there is really no standard materials. Rails must be about two foot long and bent into l-shaped, that fits in your hand. Then, press the end of the penis so that the short piece is longer to the outside, away from your body. Rails should be held loose so that room to swing easily back and forth.

After that, the search begins in the building or site. It was pointed out that it is possible that through research, by concentrating on what you’re looking for, you can find ghosts, energy anomalies and some say even dimensional gates, using dowsing rods.

Walk around the site and follow where lead you Rails. Supposed to indicate direction of any energy they unravel. Once you have discovered the energy source, cross bars, which indicates that it has found the region concerned.


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