Sandal to search for gold

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Sandal to search for gold


More news-Jordan news Jordan: If you want to do something different and you like adventure, you can acquire one of the newest and most exciting sandals, sandal treasure hunt ‘ Treasure Seeker’s Sandals ‘.

It seems like every form of sandals sea especially when layered with pants jeans, but it really is a piece of electronic mobile. Where is connected comb you can find lost metal objects and is buried in the sands of the beach and is equipped with a belt wrapped around the groin is plugged to a sandal, and when the device identifies coin made of oscillations.

• Sandal search for minerals.
• Easier than traditional search devices.
• Only need to walk to find buried treasure.
• Pack for connected to ankle through a simple set of tapes.
• This package produce oscillations or high pitched whistles when the metal is exposed under the foot.
• Sandalwood requires 9V batteries ‘ 1x ‘.
• Fits all measurements.