2 G metal detector

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2 G metal detector

2 G metal detector

2 G metal detector

Depth and sensitivity extreme to smaller pieces of gold and silver!
The controls and features of the G2 metal detector are adapted to the prospecting of gold, including a system of balance of Earth, independent control over the signal gain and threshold sound, and a single discrimination system. It has nothing to envy from other sensors of gold, silver and precious metals in its category. It is also excellent for detecting relics and any metal object that is present in the subsoil.
Although the G2 is very competent in search of coins, its user interface and its features are not specifically designed for this purpose, because it has a specialised design to emphasize the sensitivity with small objects of low conductivity as nuggets of gold, a highly desired feature by which handled detectors of gold in Peru.
Main features:
Extraordinary sensitivity to small gold pieces.
Multi-purpose, rather than a single gold detector.
Discrimination of iron and metal waste.
High performance at a mid-range price.
1.5 m of depth.
Exact location (Pinpoint mode) with depth indicator.
Manual and automatic ground balance.
Setting threshold and signal gain.
Signal strength indicator.
2 VCO audio tones.
Large LCD screen very practical and easy to read.
ID of the object (numerical identification of the object).
Tomas headphone 1/4 and 1/8 inch.
Elliptical coil DD 28 cm (11 ”) high-power and water resistant.
Ergonomic design.
Optional accessories.
Elliptical coil brand DETECH SEF model 15 x 12 ”.