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Metal Detecting: Fisher F75 Performance Review

fisher f75 metal detector coins finds

In the rating detectors for coins and gold was not without the model Fisher F75, attracts very fast response. This device can be taken with you on any journey, because the time of battery life is 30 hours. To achieve such results, the developers had to equip the product with four AA batteries at once. […]

Metal Detecting With The Fisher F75 metal detector

Fisher F75 Metal detector Depth and EMI tips Reviews

Simple and effective ground metal detector, ideal for both amateurs and professionals. F75 metal detector is both simple and effective. Designed to search for coins, jewelry, gold and antique artifacts. The metal detector has an improved 11 “Double-D coil, which copes with the work even in difficult conditions. The operating frequency is 13 khz. A […]

FISHER F75 Metal Detector

fisher f75 metal detector coins finds

Metal Detector Reviews Plans To Build a Metal Detector Best Rated Metal Detectors Metal Detector Comparison Chart Used Garrett Metal Detector Garrett Metal Detector Manuals Newest Metal Detectors Garrett Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Fisher F75 Special Edition Fisher F75 Ltd Settings Fisher F75 Ltd With DST Fisher F75 Vs F75 Ltd. fisher F75 SE […]

Field Test Fisher F75 LTD Metal detector Limited Edition

Fisher F75 Metal detector Depth and EMI tips Reviews

Field Test Fisher F75 LTD Metal detector Limited Edition The detector Fisher F75 Black Kit includes a small sniper reel. With it you can work on any very littered terrain and in places with limited space, thanks to its small diameter. At the same time, surprisingly, such a small reel gives quite a signal of […]

Fisher F44 Metal Detector Real World Test

Fisher CZ-21 Underwater Metal detector

Fisher F44 Metal Detector Real World Test The Fisher Metal Detector Company of America was founded in 1931. Today it is recognized on the world market by the reputable company producing metal detectors not only for the search of hoards, but also professional devices for different branches-for special services, security services, military, builders, town communal […]

Fisher F44 metal detector Field Test

Fisher F44 metal detector Field Test

Fisher F44 metal detector Field Test Fisher F44 metal detector was created based on the experience of thousands of search engines around the world. Before releasing the device for sale, it was tested by hundreds of independent search engines, living in times of the world, in different conditions. First of all, it should be noted […]

Fisher f-22 Metal Detector

Fisher f-22 Metal Detector

I had Fisher F22 (program Control), a block guarantee for five years. But I didn’t like the machine, with the staff coil, the depths, It’s convenient and the field is going to be tired. And buying a DD for 8000 grand on a 16 grand device is not appropriate. Sold in a month. There is […]

battery life for fisher m scope fp id 21

What is the best gold detector?

Fisher M-66 Fisher M-101 Fisher TW-6 Industrial metal detectors Fisher M-66 Industrial metal detectors FISHER M 66 is designed specifically for industrial use to search for different metal objects underground. FISHER M-66 detects all kinds of minerals such as iron, aluminum, copper and lead. Main features: Simple operation (only two knobs-adjusts the sensitivity and manual […]

Fisher F5 Field Test

Fisher F5 - field test in very high mineralized soils metal detectors for gold

Fisher F5-defeats all competitors price, functionality. Besides the standard functions, has a mode of deep searching Autotune All Metal and manual ground Balancing. Mode discrimination at Fisher F5 applies additional program processing for better trash separating, the display shows the level of ground mineralization and phase and the working frequency may be moved to avoid […]