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White Coinmaster Pro Metal Detector

goldmaster 2 metal detector for sale

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High frequency Whites MXT metal detector

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High frequency Whites MXT metal detector operating at 14 kHz. Classic White s Spectrum design distinguishes the perfect balance. Big enough there is virtually no weight. provides significant search characteristics comparable with devices of its class. Features of devices “is the most precise definition of the objectives and its depth of occurrence. Regarding the Matrix […]

whites xlt reviews and videos

Whites XLT Metal Detector

Spectrum XLT-microprocessor-based metal detector, one of the best metal detectors the professional class. This detector copes with a wide range of search tasks: treasure map, find gold, military search, geological exploration, etc. However, use this appliance is recommended for advanced search engines, because it requires certain skills and has a large number of functions. Whites […]

whites dfx reviews

whites dfx spectrum e-series metal detector

Earning international acclaim and confidence even at the beginning of the last century, today metal detectors are being used worldwide in various spheres of society. They are used at airports and train stations to detect weapons and explosives, in geology and archaeology for the detection of metal objects in the ground, as well as an […]

white’s sierra madre metal detector

white's sierra madre metal detector

white’s sierra madre metal detector Whites Industrial UL-3 Sierra Madre metal detector in Consumer Electronics, Gadgets & Other Electronics, White’s Spectra VX3 White’s Beach hunter 300 Top detector. White’s Surfmaster II White’s Surf PI Dual Field White’s Sierra Madre White’s ULA-3 Sierra Madre, Whites Sierra Madre metal detector is a great detector for treasure hunters […]

White’s Spectra V3 Metal detector

spectra-v3-metal detector

White’s Spectra V3 Metal detector, High definition color display. All the objectives of the information that we need now more clear, high-contrast color! VDI larger numbers, icons and Spectra Graph. Use the zoom button to enlarge or reduce the information screen. You can create your own custom color or plans for each program. Analyze and […]