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locator c21 metal detector price

locator c21 metal detector price

locator c21 metal detector price       Ease of use and accuracy of performance, light weight, ability to detect long term identifying the required dimension, select the scenes depth, the ability to identify the type of metal you want to search. Latest remote sensing device to detect the treasures of the Earth from a […]

metal detector for gold price

metal detector for gold price

We need to buy a metal detector to search for gold. What is the difference between a device to find gold from a conventional ground detector. You may have thought that the gold ground devices can not look for no can but there are detectors which gold detect better first. What is the truth? Gold […]

locator c21سعر جهاز

 locator c21سعر جهاز سهولة الاستخدام والدقة في الأداء، وخفيفة الوزن، القدرة على الكشف عن المدى الطويل تحديد البعد المطلوب، قم بتحديد عمق الكواليس، القدرة على تحديد نوع المعدن الذي تريد البحث. أحدث جهاز الاستشعار عن بعد للكشف عن كنوز الأرض من أخصائي للكشف عن: (الذهب والفضة والماس)   المواصفات والميزات • متخصص لكشف المواد التالية: […]

Explorer is pro metal detector

Myths about finding treasures and Metal Detectors

Explorer is pro metal detector   Results maximum for the true fans to detection. Technology multi frequency of Minelab spectrum of wide band (Full Band Spectrum/FBS) is the only technology in the world that provides the true treasure hunter both deep detection precision deep discrimination, on any terrain and with any type of object. Minelab’s […]

Treasure Locator C 21

Metal detector 2012 Locator C21

Treasure Locator C 21           Treasure Locator C21 located, not only small amounts of coins, but rather easily, find gold, silver, diamonds and great treasures buried, short or long distances with little or much depth. Seekers of treasures, burials, Sheepskin, gold nuggets, gold-bearing veins and even old mines, can use the […]

Long Range Locator – Locator 1

Long Range Locator - Locator 1

Long Range Locator – Locator 1 This metal Locator for long-range detection. The device of great precision. New generation DDS and generator controlled by microprocessor. A step smaller than 1 Hz. Show all items in LCD, 2 lines, 16 elements from each line. In the top row shows the metal being discovered and bottom line […]


Metal detector 2012 Locator C21

LOCATOR C21 METAL DETECTOR C21 real device of the most powerful hardware sensors at all in setting goals and high accuracy in detection and access whatever the terrain difficult to ease of use, precision, lightness in weight, long-term screening with select the required dimension, to specify the depth of the target Finder, select metal type […]

Locator C21

Metal detector 2012 Locator C21

Locator C21  A alradaralmtkhess system to detect gold, silver and diamond underground Easy to use, precise performance, lightweight, detectability in the long term with the required dimension, to determine the depth of the target detected, select the type of metal you want to find, we are pleased to provide this specification a remote sensing system […]

Locator C21 metal detectors

Locator C21 metal detectors The specifications of this device and its features make it any Explorer or prospector wishes this device the specifications and its features is the dream of all explorers in the world. The gold and treasures many and varied specifications and different industries and the much her from ttathrbetabkat land and soil […]