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xpdeus v garrett euro ace

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Xp Deus Vs Garrett Euroace Metal Detecting Reviews The patented construction XP Deus are 3 elements: the search coil, wireless remote control, wireless headphones, a feature of which is that they are associated with the entire system through a digital radio channel. Metal Detecting the wet foreshore with the Deus and the EuroAce, showing some […]

Repair of XP Gmaxx coil

Coil detector 15 x 12 "- 38 cm for detectors Detectors XP Gold Maxx Power, GMaxx II

Comrade happened trouble, the very frequent use of CBMs started with problems-CBMs started to produce phantom sounds/signals, and later, it was not possible to work with the machine at all. There was a hunch on the coil, because when the wire was tapped, there were anomalies. Compadre, being a reasonable and low-threshold man, decided to […]