A GPR x-3 2012

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A GPR x-3 2012
Direct vision of what is hidden under the ground
Painterly device directly from the best and clearest devices globally and the most efficient and fame.
Pictorial devices are clearer and more precise detection of devices to detect gold, minerals, caves and underground spaces and differ in accuracy and clarity, depth and size.
Either a GPR 2012 is without compare and compete with the best and most accurate and easiest painterly device can work up to depths of 25 m underground, the sensitivity of this device and its components make it a modern scientific tool with high technology can be handled with ease and smoothness and accuracy in identifying and clarifying goals in detail and accuracy in the marking of metals, in addition to the small size of the device and easily walk to. 
A GPR x-3 2012
(My GPR 2012 best painterly detector in the world)
Detects device:
(Gold-metal-caves-blanks-expenditure-locate pipes and electrical wires-water depth 80 m)
The idea of the device
Depends on direct 3D imaging system based realistic send electromagnetic waves in soil and capture any object Chouhy stranger in soil.
Example: (metal-caves-blanks-solve mysteries) of the receiver in the device converts all feedback signals from the transmitter to the photo directly enshrined underground goals realistically.
The device features
• The device discovery so deep underground 25 m and 80 m of water.
• Sensor and detection of targets from long distances through a special program on the machine providing the service with all speed.
• Connect the device to your laptop (laptop) stored by the driver. Can be separated completely from the laptop and photography through registration and storage of information and then download them to your laptop and see all the captured objectives and indicate the place.
• Camera direct real to see all targets in the soil, photographed in a near real morphology.
• Distinguish between minerals are discovered and show the frequency of metal captured through filtration in device software, example: (gold-silver-diamond-steel)
• Wired computer can be separated from the machine and work permanently without wires via a Bluetooth.
• Full body weight does not exceed 4 kg.
• Locate the quite objective space 50 cm by 50 cm.
• When the device is calibrating itself automatically on the soil to identify all impurities and rocks found in the soil.
• The device works with all types of soil and terrain and can penetrate rocks and Earth folds easily.
Hardware components
• Main machine unit.
• Sensor sensitive device (transceiver).
• 12 volt battery charger-car charger home.
• Bluetooth unit (USB).
• Laptop.
• Speakers.
• Wiring device.
• Aluminium body bag cardboard to protect the device.
• Ensure that for 4 years under maintenance conditions.