A metal detector and treasures

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detectors for gold
Your Golden Gate GoldenGate
A metal detector and treasures of all kinds and types
Multi device systems
1. device detects all forms of raw gold from gold dust and gold veins at depths exceeding all relevant traditional devices detect gold ore
2. the device detects the busy gold and gold reveals the modern factory and old all soils and unprecedented depths
3. the device detects blanks and ground cavities and caves and catacombs and rooms cannot be hampered by any rock walls or layers of solid ground
4. the machine is equipped with several advanced techniques to detect burials
GPS technology for satellites to save and store search sites and tracking global navigation systems
GPR technology for alsonari Tomography to the underground of true form
DSP technology and the highest computer processing technology for faster processing and data transfer for smart devices
DISS technique used in metal detectors and advanced filtering and purifying metal frequencies and waves is responsible for discrimination between minerals properly and capture the weakest signal for the least amount of metal and even a few grams and is not affected by mineral soils
5. the device with 10 international languages including Arabic language
And many other features that have been developed in a compact size and light weight is not affected by any climatic factors and works on all soil types efficiently unrivaled Rocky and sand and mineral

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