A simplified description of the electromagnetic system work?

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A simplified description of the electromagnetic system work?


Metal detection system works on the principle of electromagnetic detection by electric energy and magnetic energy incorporate this combined with each other through electronic processing unit to become an electromagnetic wave (disruptive electromagnetic) electromagnetic energy different capabilities to penetrate the surface of the Earth due to the ability of the electronic sensor (transmitter) and size, and the ability to broadcast and receive electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic energy detection of underground metal through the detection of magnetic field for each metal and depending on its frequency and physical interaction.

How the system works and how to detect and clear objectives?


Metal detectors operate on the principle of differentiated responsibility specialist electromagnetic detects distortions in the soil as a result of buried metal through the detection of the electromagnetic field of the metal and the metal after his burial depending on its frequency and physical interaction is called this system (pulsed) i.e. where the metal detector to send disruptive electromagnetic inductive pulsed power penetrates the surface of the Earth to a certain extent, due to the size of the file send out this wave to form a magnetic field in the direction of the Earth to a point while hitting the metal’s magnetic field occur Process wave and echo reception by sending file to to arrive for service analysis and tripartite front.
The other system when it passes the front above the metal object file produced a magnetically due to wave top of file transmission, the receiver will pick up a file and this weak magnetic field and apostate and results in an electric current passes in the front file, frequented the same power frequency magnetic field. This power is maximized and interference to the control box and where is the micro processor analyzes the signal and show data.

Some of the properties of electromagnetic devices specifications:


1. electromagnetic metal detectors detect all kinds of metal.
2. specialized systems distinguish between minerals or choose a specific metal and disclosed.
3. specialized systems to determine the depth of the metal and its distance from the surface of the Earth.
4. specialized systems detect gold metal
5. specialized equipment to detect all types of gold
6. adjust and control systems for audio
7. adjust the light control
8. Select systems and modern digital tuning
9. digital systems integrated electronic systems