All you need to know about surveillance cameras

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All you need to know about surveillance cameras

CCTV product is different from any other electronic product because you choose the right camera for the place to monitor, it may be good but surveillance camera  and excellent room and is suitable for shop, there might be a surveillance camera suitable for an international airport but cannot control a small room, the surveillance camera lens is the sole area where you will be photographed, do not rush to purchase you must first define the properties of the camera you need, from basic specifications that must be met in Surveillance camera:

-Photo must be in color and comes with night vision and property is the property of night photography with infrared, to be able to see at night or in dark ankle, but watch out!The night vision feature you simple change in some colors, especially in the interior areas where industrial lighting, for example, the color black is closer to violet, green becomes a light green, and this is normal for an infrared, and night vision at night image shift to black and white, it is indispensable to this important property without them you will not see anything at night.
-The purity of the image must be at least 420 TVL of video is good and clear image.
-If you want to install a surveillance camera at an external location you choose camera control surrounded by a cover to protect it from external factors such as rain and dust, and in the case of disregard for this topic, installing a surveillance camera inside outside will not hold up for long.
-Power supply preferably be 12 volt and 220 volt.
-Make sure that there is a guarantee supported on surveillance cameras.
-Don’t buy surveillance cameras without prior experience and don’t make the installation technician, surveillance cameras require high experience, the best solution is to choose a professional company.
All you need to know about surveillance cameras

All you need to know about surveillance cameras

Successful surveillance system is not limited to just the good surveillance cameras, whatever its many possibilities it cannot be complete without smart programs are programmed to get the utmost excellence in surveillance and protection of these smart software:
1. registration: programmed called Friend Finder, is a program that organizes files recorded by surveillance cameras photographed and archiving files based on date and time, making it easier to search for any video with the utmost speed and many of the DVR you that property automatically.
2. programmed to support motion detection: motion recognition software, which monitors any change in the image, just a change in the image of any movement, the program monitors and sends a message to the email alert for a movement in place, but we do not recommend using this program, because in many cases sends notifications may seem wrong, but in fact is not wrong, it monitors any movement as a movement of birds and insects and tree branches at times wind Severe which may give a false impression of a theft.
3. PROTECTION WALL: a special program with surveillance cameras and surveillance systems to prevent piracy or hacking on the system.
4. direct observation programmed VIEW ME: and this program is loaded mostly on mobile phones and can be monitored using mobile and online, after participating in the static ip service
5. automatic image set program: a program with the ability to set the lighting and increase the purity and clarity of the image, and focus on the numbers and letters, and started using this program for the first time in control systems in 1998.
All you need to know about surveillance cameras

All you need to know about surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are nothing to worry about, many do not like to see surveillance cameras and security systems in public streets and Government buildings or fences, and some of these regulatory regimes against privacy and freedoms and others against this view and vice versa see idea of CCTV installation and consider them as a source of security and safety, and to answer the following question: do surveillance cameras in public places are useful or violation of freedoms, we must first answer the following questions:
1. What are the benefits of surveillance cameras?
2. How can be abused using surveillance cameras?
3. increase or decrease the police excesses?
4. What is the alternative to not using control systems?
Now to tell the answers to get the answer:
1. the benefits of surveillance cameras security:
Cameras, such as cameras in stadiums that are looking for known hooligans, or mobile cameras on government buildings.
-To deter criminal activity.
-To deter traffic violations.
-The protection of public property.
-Anticipate and protect against terrorist attacks.
2. misuse of surveillance cameras:
Yes, of course you can misuse of surveillance systems and by recording some embarrassing situations to public figures and use the recordings to extortion or the Elimination of their careers.
All you need to know about surveillance cameras

All you need to know about surveillance cameras

3. surveillance cameras to police abuses increase or decrease? The answer, of course, very logical reduction as it otherwise would be used as evidence against him, which will reduce the ill-treatment by the police and citizens know a Sergeant and at the same time respecting individual national police for the same reason.
4. an alternative to surveillance cameras, there are other means that can be used to control? As if we are there alternatives to consider non-eyes of course not!
I think it boils down to the following: surveillance cameras need to deter abuses, whether citizens or of the police, and at the same time deterrent laws in the case of indentation misuse with severe legal penalties for abusing them.
Surveillance cameras have become (NHA) for anyone who wants to protect his property either: companies, shops, houses, etc. The surveillance cameras are the perfect solution to deter criminal activity and is the ideal solution for maintaining personal safety and security, surveillance cameras also help to provide a Visual of the police records as evidence
Perhaps the selection of surveillance system seem difficult, but if you follow some steps would be very easy to check on you.
Some important instructions:
1. do you need camera surveillance day or night vision feature?
For example, surveillance cameras with night vision and infrared gives you the ability to monitor at night and even in the dark.
2. There are surveillance cameras, black and white, and there are colors and of course the colors are best.
3. choose the screen size used in control: it is advisable to at least screen size 17 inches minimum to be able to see the good.
4. choose the mobile camera that was foreign to many centers, mobile motor often crash with time, fixed the best surveillance camera.
5. you must purchase a registration of the surveillance cameras filmed, and the device is called de transcription, and is not provided with disc to record all bhard anything for a period of up to one year, and can see all the security cameras remotely over the Internet, and is extracted from the device history records and even by the hour, so don’t waste time finding what you want to watch.
6. the number of frames per second at least 30 and stands for the number of frames per second: FPS
7. installation of the camera must be in place, it is impossible for anyone to reach without a shot.
8. warranty and after sales service
1913: filmed surreptitiously from prison starts in the suffragettes and is one months prison in Britain.
1960: the metropolitan police use two monitoring cameras in Trafalgar Square to control the crowd before the arrival of the Thai Royal family.
5 November 1960: Metropolitan Police are installing two surveillance cameras in the capital to control the demonstrators.
1961: installing a video surveillance system in the London train station.
1964: police Liverpool you experience four closed-circuit television cameras and secret in the Centre of the city.
1965: installing cameras to monitor the railway tracks near the town of Dagenham that have been vandalized.
1967: the proliferation of systems for the control of markets and retail outlets in several cities in Britain, as a means of deterring and catching shoplifters.
October 1968: London’s Metropolitan Police are using cameras to monitor protesters against the Viet Nam war, Grosvenor Square.
1969: London’s Metropolitan Police are installing cameras in Grosvenor Square, Whitehall and Parliament Square. The total number of cameras: 67 camera.
1974: installation of video surveillance systems to monitor traffic on major roads in London.
1975: video surveillance system installed at four stations on the London underground.
1975: the use of video surveillance systems at football games in many cities in Britain
1989: installation of surveillance cameras at assembly points where the popular protests in Central London during the miners ‘ strike.
August 1985: install video surveillance in Bournemouth, a seaside resort (South Coast).
1987: the use of video surveillance systems in parking garages owned by local authorities.
1989: installation of video surveillance systems in the “local Board” run by local authorities.
1992: video surveillance system in Newcastle, in Newcastle and CCTV (CCTV) sophisticated and using microwave (open-circuit) to the city’s main police station.
1992: start using speed cameras PTZ.
August 1993: the bombing of London in the bishops by the Irish Republican Army to build a “steel belt” around the city (London’s financial district). The measures include surveillance cameras on the streets.
1994: the Central Government (Ministry of Interior) published the surveillance cameras. British Prime Minister John major said at the time that decision: “I have no doubt we’ll hear about some protest to threaten civil liberties well, I have no sympathy whatsoever for the freedoms that fear”. Between 1994 and 1997, the Ministry of the Interior to spend a total of 38 million pounds on CCTV systems.
July 1994: beginning of the use of video surveillance systems in automated teller machines (ATM).
1996: Government expenditure on CCTV up for more than three quarters of the total budget for the prevention of crime.
August 1996: all major cities except (England Leeds) used video surveillance systems in their cities.
May 10, 1997: public demonstration against surveillance cameras in Brighton.
July 1997: London police announce the installation of surveillance cameras machine-readable license plate
October 1998: start using face recognition in London.
Children are the most beautiful in the world, there is no more important than watching your child and monitor everything that goes around him to always be reassuring him, undoubtedly play an important role in surveillance cameras for parents, online you can watch your child from anywhere at any time.

1. surveillance cameras at home:

Are very important in the baby’s room, you see, and also to monitor what the nanny and you actually care about.
All you need to know about surveillance cameras

All you need to know about surveillance cameras

2. surveillance cameras in nurseries:

It is the parents can see their children’s voice and image, as well as to be able to author or Director of the nursery monitor everything going on.

3. surveillance camera on baby bed:

And with the night vision feature and audio so you can watch her child and mother is asleep in the dark and can hear his voice when he wakes up.

4. surveillance cameras in children’s hospitals:

Making it easier for parents to make sure that a child in good health or improvement of his illness, and had the necessary medical care from doctors without fault.

5. surveillance cameras in the Home Garden:

And are extremely important, especially after frequent kidnappings, so make sure the father and the mother to their child is not trying to get out from under the garden that surrounds the House and it is a far cry from the street and cars and at the same time make sure that there are no outsiders in the place.
Tourism is an important resource for the State, and many States are dependent on tourism as a major and national income of our Egypt and Spain, England, France, Italy and many other countries, but the question, what does the surveillance cameras in the increased number of visitors to the State?
-Initially you may not find any relationship between them, but we’ll find out shortly after that close relationship between control systems and tourism investment.
All you need to know about surveillance cameras

All you need to know about surveillance cameras

-If you want to travel to the State to spend a vacation with your family, what is the most important element must be provided in that State to be reassuring when you travel? Yes, I answered the answer sound safety and security, and now the second and last question, does the proliferation of surveillance cameras make you feel State security interest and, of course, would be Yes, and the surveillance cameras are mirrors that reflect the interest of State security and the protection of its territory.
And here are some examples of the use of surveillance cameras in many States:
1. France: in Paris, authorities have installed surveillance cameras in all hotels and at the international airport and the famous Louvre Museum has more than 400 fixed camera and 200 mobile smart camera control and even the Metro because the most common way to navigate the city for residents and tourists, making tourists feel the State interest in the locked and protected from any unexpected risk.
2. Russia: in Moscow, the authorities issuing the law required museums, palaces and cultural centres to activate control systems supported by the property registry.
3. Egypt: Cairo, installing surveillance cameras in the Egyptian Museum and the renewal of the network after the glorious revolution, and a modern network of surveillance cameras around the Giza pyramids.
4. Spain: Granada city , the authorities installed surveillance cameras in all hotels, museums and even public parks.
Places of installation of surveillance cameras is one of the most important elements of corner installation the ideal and successful surveillance system, installing surveillance cameras in appropriate places gives greater area coverage and reduces the number of surveillance cameras used, where to put surveillance cameras?
1. If the place with a suspended ceiling (fallen), the most appropriate type is surveillance cameras called DOME and semi-circular cameras be installed on roofs and extend all related wire behind the suspended ceiling.
2. in the case of external surveillance cameras installed to secure the House surrounded by walls, it is wrong to install surveillance cameras on external fences if high fences less than 5 m, and often in the case of independent houses, fence height not more than 3 feet away, in this case you should install cameras at the House itself and an appropriate altitude and directed towards the fence to lock it and monitor it, to avoid stealing surveillance cameras.
3. in the case of installing surveillance cameras inside with no roof fallen, the most appropriate place for the surveillance cameras are the pillars for the largest possible angle to cover a larger area.
4. must be cameras in place clear and apparent to everyone and not hidden, just knowing the thief with a control system makes it so his thinking back in the robbery, security cameras clear limit or reduce criminal activity, but it is important that the wiring far from affordable so as not to cut. We find always when banks and banks of cameras in the place, everybody knows that place observers.
5. in high-rise buildings, airports, museums and vast areas and TV towers, in all these places is the main purpose of the installation of surveillance cameras is to monitor not only nearby places, but also remote. And is the most appropriate type is: PTZ surveillance cameras, cameras with lens moving in all directions (360 degrees) per second, and cover spaces daunting with the possibility of programming the camera to move the lens in certain directions. Camera PTZ camera is expensive but overall it save the much of the money for a large number of surveillance cameras.
6. of the few places where it is not recommended to install surveillance cameras in places clear invert followed are restaurants, of course, one does not like being an observer and is dealing with food.
Start manufacture of hidden surveillance cameras in the 1980 and spread to European markets in the late 1990.
Hidden surveillance cameras used in certain situations, and not in the case of premises robbed, since one of the main features of surveillance cameras is to be clear and to deter anyone from the idea of theft or other criminal activity, let me remind you of some cases that require the use of hidden cameras and other eye-catching:
1. to control the work of the staff and the dates of attendance and time sheets.
2. staff conduct with clients.
3. to ensure that the Secretariat staff for their work and are there internal theft from employees themselves or not
4. monitor the children, in their sleep, or their presence in the room alone.
5. monitor the performance of nannies and domestic staff for their work.
6. can be placed outside the home to see the excesses of the neighbors.
7. to ensure that the behavior is not only or for someone who wants to help him.
Many forms of hidden surveillance cameras, including:
1. in the form of mirror.
2. a detector or fire alarm is installed in the roof.
3. a movement detector, or keyless entry car alarm.
4. Pen write or watch.
But you must know important information, is that the lens inside the hidden surveillance cameras are small in size and has a small hole is opened and through you and for this reason you should use this type of surveillance cameras for small spaces and no spaces, designed to monitor a particular person always exists in a particular place and not control the entire place.

CCTV recorder

Old and until the late 1990 was the registry is on the videos, and of course your VCR by many disadvantages, including:
1. the difficulty of extracting the video you want to watch it, no property archive files.
2. the registered image is hesitating and poor especially over time as recorded on video cassettes.
3. inability to display and recording at the same time.
4. inability to send over the Internet, which is a permanent presence for the spectator.
-The DVR solution of all these disadvantages, the most important features of the DVR device:
1. recording on HDD (hard disk drive) and not on videotapes which maintains the clarity of the video recorder and even after tens of years.
2. archive files by date to extract any file in less than a minute to just write the date to view it.
All you need to know about surveillance cameras

All you need to know about surveillance cameras

3. your DVR with MOTION DETECTION and the property is a property of the motion capture and focus on movement and variables.
4. the DVR device with USP’s entrance to the possibility of transferring recorded files and watch them on your computer.
5. and the DVR with the split screen to display all the surveillance cameras on the monitor at the same time.
6. the length of the registration period and this depends on the type of hard disk installed inside the device.
7. the main features of the DVR device, connect it to the Internet to send the surveillance cameras filmed to the owner of the control system and where it was, with no possibility of anyone else of the Viewer without obtaining the user name and pass code.
8. the device features being a separate unit it does not depend on other devices such as the computer it runs continuously 24 hours 365 days a year without interruption and faults.
-The DVR devices are divided into several types and differ in terms of the number of surveillance cameras that are connected to the device there is a DVR 4, 8, 16 channels.
-You can buy instead of a standalone DVR, DVR card and install it in your computer and works through surveillance cameras are displayed on your computer screen, and register on the computer’s hard disk, but in this case, the computer must be in working condition to registration and 24-hour surveillance, and the DVR card moves the image online to control access from anywhere.
Some believe that cameras function limited to control of thieves and protect from theft, and it makes sense they always have fences and surveillance cameras in stores making many equate the idea that the only function control systems is to reduce theft, this is the purpose of the surveillance systems is to monitor and record any dynamic activity process, and motor activity is not limited to theft, it may be a legal and physical activity monitor can we make it more organized, and I mean The use of surveillance cameras on the streets and areas where traffic congestion to study traffic problems and solve them and let me give you the experience of the above-mentioned speech stresses:
In 2003 Japan has installed surveillance systems in the fields and main streets in many cities is permanent but accumulation and paralysis of traffic and was the primary purpose of these cameras is not intimidation from broken the law, but to study the common errors that may occur from drivers, pedestrians or even the police. Monitoring continued for 5 months at the end of the observation period traffic, produced statistical results show that overcrowding in those fields is due to a lack of interest in the side streets flowing into the car on the ground and after studying statistics, the authorities have increased traffic on side streets with the red lights in the streets, and the increase represented 40% of the time in the field, and after this amendment ended congestion with a mathematical equation and simple but time It was difficult to achieve without the statistics for the number of cars in different times thanks to surveillance cameras.
-In England, used in all main streets in urban surveillance cameras for identifying vehicles that make mistakes, which reduces the friction between the traffic police and motorists and those cameras are equipped with intelligent programs give them the ability to capture and record numbers of cars and auto-zoom metal plate numbers.
-The city of rastov Russia traffic police complaints abounded, they forgot for one use violence against ordinary workers on taxis, making public authorities in 2005 by installing surveillance cameras in areas where complaints abounded to make sure communications, leading to deter traffic police for their actions.
-Control systems of many benefits solve traffic problems, including:
1. study the errors and monitoring your traffic in different times.
2. produce accurate statistics to solve traffic problems.
3. photography and recording those errors which reduces mistakes.
4. reduce the friction with the police and help them.
5. ensure that the citizen’s right to good treatment without shaming and without loss of dignity.

Successful surveillance system is a system that has the following specifications:

terms and conditions

1. wire: wire used must be dedicated to security cameras wire and wire are not hunters that unfortunately uses many technicians in the installation of surveillance cameras, and those wires very bad and lead to a loss of image transfer affecting and certainly the image and visibility.
2. successful monitoring system must have the ability to record all the surveillance cameras filmed, and can quickly extract video to watch it by simply typing the date and the time, and registration must be for a period of not less than one month.
3. image portability over the Internet using property (STATIC IP) for the system will be able to view everything from anywhere, via the Internet with ease.
4. surveillance cameras must be suitable for the dimensions of the lens to monitor, with the night vision feature can be seen in dark ankle.
5. use supplements good signal in the case of distance, there are many forget or choose to add supplements.
6. power supply units (mains) must be close to surveillance cameras.
7. an appropriate, display if the control system is composed of a single camera, the screen size is 17 inches, does not believe that the larger the size of the screen the better, but the opposite screen size affects the clarity (focus) and the purity of the image, but that the number was 4 or more cameras you can use large screen 42 inches or even larger because in any event will be the screen divided into number of surveillance cameras used.
8. the buyer should be aware that the most successful control system is installed, it must contract with a company specializing in surveillance cameras, the company must provide a guarantee.

1. theft protection:

Installing surveillance cameras in shops and stores protected from theft, some install hidden surveillance cameras or no cameras draws this much security method they prefer him not the purpose of the surveillance cameras to be a phenomenon (especially if internal) to understand and observe all that place observers in full making burglar think a thousand times before doing anything.

2. observe the behaviour of the employee:

Security cameras can help monitor the behaviour of the employee. Can show staff who do not follow company policies, and using surveillance cameras can see dates of attendance of employees, handling employees with customers, how quickly the employee in accomplishing his work and measuring productivity.

3. reduce unexpected internal theft:

Theft may be someone unexpected, and mean of the employee himself and not from someone who is an outsider to the place, thefts of vendors spread out too much, especially in shops and pharmacies, and surveillance cameras reduce it but prevent it increasing profit.

4. prevent theft during discharge:

We recommend always installing surveillance cameras outside and to protect goods from theft while abroad, during the carriage and put it in the store.

5. secure storage of theft:

And it is very easy to put surveillance cameras in stores, and in most cases be the lighting in stores is very low, which makes the installation of surveillance cameras with night vision feature something essential, infrared vision is excellent and very clear.

6. reduced premiums for commercial insurance:

Security surveillance cameras show a desire to protect employees and visitors and warehousing and inventory, and reduced insurance premium which is the venue for the insurance company, the fact that the place is locked with surveillance cameras.

7. There is substantial evidence to the police:

Register all the surveillance cameras filmed 24 hours a day, for a period of up to one year and on your dad’s RSS feed attached to the control system, you can attach it as a definitive guide to police a theft and robber.
Industry and development of surveillance cameras in the world grew rapidly and today I wanted to highlight some of the key events in the history of the CCTV industry.
1. in 1951: the first camera and video recording using a television camera in the United States.
2. in 1960: installed surveillance cameras in Britain in the capital to control crowds greeted the Royal family.
3. in 1965: the first report of the United States Department of Justice for allowing the use of surveillance cameras in some places national strategy.
4. in 1966: in the United States NASA filmed the moon.
5. in 1972: in Texas the first surveillance camera do not need videotape.
6. in 1973: invention of the first camera control with a small chip and is the same technology used today.
7. in 1980: in America and Britain, the actual beginning in manufacturing cameras for the purpose of sale to consumers for protection from theft.
8. in 1986: the Kodak scientists invented the first camera control function is migabxl and has the ability to record 1. 4 million pixels.
9. in 1996: first surveillance camera work online in the world called camera networks and remote control (ABC) in America.
10. in 1998: start of business activity in the manufacturing and sale of recording devices for surveillance cameras (my dad ‘s).
11. in 2001, after the attacks on the World Trade Center changed American society over look the importance of surveillance systems in public life and Government buildings.
12. in 2003: in America, you develop a program on CCTV face recognition and the primary purpose of which is the use of surveillance cameras in finding missing children.
13. day: we can see surveillance cameras from anywhere and at any time and from any device over the Internet.
Using surveillance cameras (CCTV), or as it is called CCTV cameras to improve security in many areas, such as airports, railway stations, banks, government buildings, hotels and other public places. These cameras can transmit video signals to a specific location, and the data recorded appears on the screen. The signals are transmitted using the links from point to point wiring, unlike TV, where the move signals  Wireless. In today’s day and age, many homeowners are installing CCTV cameras to monitor their homes and property.
All you need to know about surveillance cameras

All you need to know about surveillance cameras

Some may feel that the use of surveillance cameras in public places constitutes a breach of privacy, however, these voices are few and far between.
Today there is a whole series of CCTV cameras and other security systems available to all those interested. The technology used in these cameras gets better with each passing day. And there is now a high-performance cameras and digital video recorders DVR. There are surveillance cameras have the ability to detect movement and send email alerts to.
What are the uses of surveillance cameras? In industrial facilities, can use these cameras to monitor manufacturing processes. This way, you can monitor and control operations from the control room.
It is known that CCTV cameras (CCTV) used in crime prevention. In our time, the security system is not complete without the installation of CCTV systems, and can record all the surveillance cameras filmed.

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