amazing finds with metal detectors

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amazing finds with metal detectors

amazing finds with metal detectors

Metal detector is a device that enables you to find metals hidden in different types of soil, even in the case of high humidity or underwater quest. The main principle of its operation is pretty simple. The detector has a dual coil windings. First the forms a magnetic field of the coil. The second takes the signals of the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Because they publish a variety of frequencies, interacting with field coils, the frequencies are converted into signals that can be seen on the screen of the device. The history of its inception, the detector must not for one person. As always, smart idea came to mind to various scientists and inventors. But the practice has made their adjustments. And one of the deciding factors were the war and industrial needs. For example, the discovery of ammunition, mines and other strategic facilities has shown that professionals need to take into account subsequent developments, that modification.

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