beach and in shallow water with a metal detector Explorer

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Search jewelry on the beach and in shallow water with a metal detector Explorer


Beach Search brings considerable dividends in water with fingertip easily slides off the ring, bracelet or chain. Without the detector (detector) the moment the loss in water is nearly impossible. For many years on the beach to settle hundreds of ornaments, coins, gold and silver chains, creates all kinds and ringlets.


According to the ITAR-TASS News Agency on the banks of the only Italian beaches lost things are worth 25 million euros. And our beaches are no exception. Modern detectors can be configured to ignore the caps and other rubbish found on the beach and set up a metal detector to detect only the decorations, but it is not worth doing.

Search jewelry on the beach and in shallow water with a metal detector Explorer


Everyone who ever led the search on the beach, well knows, that is always a huge amount of debris along with valuable objects: all kinds of corks, foil, shapeless pieces of metal, copper and nickel low-value coins of USSR from the treatment over the past 40 years and so I could make a list of this collection, consisting of a dozen pages itemizing all the variations of garbage accumulated on the beaches since the advent of aluminium and iron tubes and cans, the packaging foil.
An equally huge and selection of gold jewelry: from 375 to 583 samples, yellow gold, white gold, gold triple alloy, Platinum, ring, rings, small medium and large size, massive signets.
Unfortunately, even the modern Explorer SE applies to determine the target type double discrimination cannot 100% distinguish such a variety of gold jewelry from an even greater diversity of metallic debris. You may ask why a metal detector cannot reject all unnecessary items and accept all valuable? Remember that metal detector detects objects do not come in contact with them, based only on the two characteristics: electrical conductivity and inductance.

Explorer SE Metal Detector Minelab field test


Common sense dictates that one hundred percent accuracy in determining the objectives can be achieved only when invented metal detector with video screen, to give a Visual representation of the found object. Many of us then would have become millionaires.


To the problem of ignoring the unnecessary items should be approached with the knowledge of what items can typically meet on site search. It is important to note that the trash and his number one beach can vary significantly from the debris at the other and even on adjacent beaches. Lifestyle Beach dwellers affects the abundance of not only rich, but also a valuable collection of finds.


Meet and almost Virgin spots with endless beaches, such as the Spanish coast Sandy Cape of Tenerife. From here, the nearest point to the African continent, 32 KM across the Strait. Coast of Africa is visible even in the gloomy February weather.


Rest peacefully in the sunshine potbelly heating is not here, because the location is removed from the main tourist trails, and constantly blowing wind blows away the already not frequent guests. On the coast you can find only the lightweight aluminum debris, ejected the sea ashore, but there is a chance and find unique coins to perhaps once crashed in the ancient craft of discarded at sea, sandy beach. Example of finding treasure in Florida released in waves to the shore.


“Hurricanes that swept through Florida and took a bunch of trouble to local residents, unexpectedly helped archaeologists. After an orgy of nature to shore won a real treasure. Now there are dozens of beach treasure hunters with metal detectors, all-old athletes there with the United States.


Experts say that these gold and silver coins from a Spanish galleon that sank in 1715, and also as a result of the hurricane. The cost of Spanish coins of XVIII century now has increased hundreds of times and reaches for some rare instances, $20000 .


Accordingly, you should clearly target the environment to select exactly the programmed of discrimination which will give the greatest effect. Here is why you should always start the search with major masks discrimination Coil + Jewelry  (how to create a mask discrimination “Jewelry Rus»), and then configure the detector for certain search criteria with the exception of those unnecessary items that occur on a specific territory. A few minutes spent on configuration, will save you time when searching and will increase the number of found valuable items.