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Today we introduce you to the most popular in the year 2015 and metal detectors. In this article you will learn about the best ground Metal Detectors, designed exactly to search for coins, ancient relics, pieces of iron, non-ferrous metals, etc.. Models of metal detectors are located in table median price increases, starting with the cheapest. All models available at the time of writing in General.

The most reliable metal detectors for beginners Garrett Ace 250

Garrett Ace 250


One of the leaders in reliability. Works almost flawlessly. For the first few seasons in finding a good solution. Nothing complicated to learn. Included. Configured and forward. Average discriminatory, but enough for a beginners.

It is better suited for those who takes a metal detector with a picnic or beach, in addition to the primary active relaxation. And kids from looking behind the ears with this appliance do not drag.


reliability; ease of use; easy; determining depth of Pin-point mode; quick response on purpose (you can quickly pass large tracts).


sensitive to cold; coil quickly scratched on stones; sometimes appears unnecessary background; a small search depth; No audio adjustment.

Best metal detectors to search for coins Bounty Hunter discovery 2200

Bounty Hunter discovery 2200

One of the best metal detectors, if you search for you a hobby. For the first time if just super! Lightweight, customizable elementary.

Metal detector their money’s worth. Works without false positives and dew and rain. A good discrimination.


sensitivity adjustment; 4-tonal sound indication; 2 search modes; discrimination 9 segments with the configuration; balance of soil; the function ignore undesirable items.

Cons: not found.

Best low-cost metal detector Contact JJ V500 adventure

Contact JJ V500 adventure

One of the best among the most inexpensive metal detectors in market and first in popularity among budget models. Its ability to detect enough coins, jewelry (silver, gold) at shallow depth. Metal detector is suitable for beginners, for those who just want to try to not willing to splurge on a serious appliance.

“How many times drop metal detector and had to work them in water is not broken. In winter, stood up to -8° c, if falls below, just begins to fail and malfunction. All the finds: iron on my practice to a depth of 50 cm, non-ferrous metals. Comfortable whirling. Very easy to use. ”


affordable price; easy to control (switch and indicator auto adjustment); comfortable sound indication; flexible system of settings adjustment under the type of soil; suitable for a wide range of weather conditions; waterproof coil; built-in speaker; You can plug-in headphones; less to fall.


When the temperature of the air begin to falter; the weak spot is the coil; a small search depth; for serious searches is not suitable.

Metal detectors for researchers of all ages Garrett Ace 150

Garrett Ace 150

Another metal detector, suitable for a beginner. But the range of its capabilities and ease of use is already better. Has 3 search modes. Specifies any metals, coins, jewellery. It can be set to a specific type of goal. Able to work on the trashy areas. Suitable for adults and adolescents.

I would like to point out that far to go somewhere to search pretty hard. A metal detector can be rapidly disassemble and take with you on vacation. And there’s a free minute walk along unfamiliar places.

For me, the best metal detector. Can do almost everything the same as more solid model. Distinguish between metals, reacts to them-3 different sounds. The screen is also simple and intuitive.


affordable price; easy to manage and use; compactness; light weight; S-shaped 3-section boom with convenient armrest; sound system identification; built-in speaker, you can plug-in headphones; oval coil in an airtight case; indication of the depth of; 5 segments of discrimination; battery level indication.


the control unit, the screen is sensitive to moisture; a small search depth; There is no volume control; No of ground balance tweak; does not specify the exact location; small selectivity.

Most comfortable budget Fisher f-2 metal detector

what is the best gold metal detector best gold metal detector review

If you search engine-lover and appreciate not only the result but also the process of searching, Fisher F-2 metal detector for you. Its design is conceived to make search not only exciting, but also convenient. Ergonomic handle fits snugly in the hand, protects from fatigue. Due to the cold weather does not give the hand cold. Customizable for any growth.

When left with this device for the first time (previously traveled with another company’s detector), his manner make sounds at all, what he would want me surprised and disappointed. But after a while adapted.

Rod is well-kept, without backlash, nowhere is not loose, no creaks. Coil is very mobile, allows you to fumble in the bushes, through the puddles and in shallow water, cover is not needed, very sturdy to withstand glancing blows: the stones, twigs, roots. False positives with no strikes. In General, the best metal detector for everybody.


easy to manage; reliable; easy; ergonomic; indication of the type of target; 7 programmes discrimination; tight coil.


No of ground balance tweak (only automatic balancing); Small depth of detection; picky about batteries.

Best metal detector for advanced users Garrett ACE 350

best metal detector for gold kellyco metal detectors

Semi-professional model with reinforced coil has improved (compared to other metal detectors in this price range) characteristics and allows you to search for items in greater depth. Go with him since the spring and on the field, and on the beach. False positives a little. Depth is a very acceptable.


convenient; easy; reliable; powerful coil; allows for immersion in water; improved detection of small objects; effectively keeps out debris; long work offline.


weak point-spring in the battery compartment.

best Metal detector semi-professional MINELAB X-Terra 305

treasure hunter xj9-3050

Another semi-professional metal detector from Minelab different reliable performance and minimal sensitivity to bad weather conditions, changes in temperature, electromagnetic interference. Many users are called X-Terra 305 best in its price category.

The best metal detector, robust, unpretentious. Takes as smaller objects scales and different treasures-on decent depth. Metals determines the unmistakable. Never had a failure. Hanging perfectly balanced.


two identification system (sound, graphics); Manual ground balance; Tweak from interferences; PinPoint mode; backlight; long work offline.

Cons: not found.

Best professional metal detector MINELAB X-Terra 705

what is the best gold metal detector

Metal detector-legend. Great features plus the friendly management, light weight and economy.


usability; good depth; the high level of discrimination; clear menu; backlight; frugally spend batteries.


high price; complete no waterproof coil.

Best metal detector for gold MINELAB Eureka gold

best metal detectors for beginners


Professional, highly sensitive metal detector. Suitable for detecting gold, even tiny particles in any environment. Hence its merits and disadvantages. The device is very good, but learn it yourself very hard. And use it to advise only away from garbage, machines and electric noises in the city and suburbs it is useless.

The device specific. Suitable for a person with a very sensitive hearing and nerves of steel. It is highly desirable to understand the physics of the search process, otherwise hands from shovels, buzz off. I advise you to immediately buy a voice recorder and record all sounds for comparison with benchmark. Control unit slide immediately below the elbow, fewer will be tired.


high sensitivity; balance of soil; metal detection by sound.


high price; weight (greater than 2 kg); very high sensitivity.