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best metal detector for the money


Myths about metal detectors

To begin with, we completely dispel the myths which have developed around the metal detector . There are lots of misconceptions that can lead you to an unnecessary device for you .

“My dear – so good! “. It is difficult to argue. Of course, modern appliances, with many features and widgets will be more expensive than a simple apparatus. But ask yourself this question – do you really need such a device ? What will you do with it ? If you are just making your first steps in the treasure hunting hobby and it will take a few days in a year , the point in buying an expensive device is not present. And it’s not so much the cost , but in your convenience. Expensive gauges tend to be more complex . So with such a device at the beginner necessarily have a problem with reading for information and general use.

” All metal detectors are the same .” If we talk about the depth of the search , this rule only works for devices in the same price category. But the depth of target detection – is not the only parameter by which to choose a metal detector. It is necessary to pay attention to the scale of discrimination metals separation purposes , the speed signal processing , clarity of signal recognition . All of these and many other parameters , each device may be different. Therefore, if you are a beginner , you should consult with professionals before choosing a metal detector .
” I know of a treasure hunt , he said that this device is the best .” Do not rely on one person’s opinion . Typically , the average treasure hunter was holding in his hands not more than 1-3 units. So sober judge ” best ” device it will not work. Certain conclusions can be made about the device , but will test each unit for at least a month.

best metal detector for the money Rentals of metal detectors What is it for ?
” All the findings depend on the metal detector .” This is not so . Typically, the device depends on only 30-40% success. Everything else depends on the proper method and location search. The unit can not instill searchers have traits that lead to big discoveries.

” Why spend the money when a metal detector can be done by hand .” Now on the Internet there are a huge number of sets of self-assembly of the metal by hand. But home-made devices are next with even the most simple and cheap factory devices. So do not waste your time and money for nothing . It is better to buy a branded metal detector.

Be careful! Forums !

Often newcomers seek help in choosing a metal detector on numerous thematic forums . They are always a debate about choosing the ” best of the best ” of the instrument . In principle , there you are happy to help . But keep in mind , much of what is written on the forums – is the result of the work concerned. Often on the forums under the guise of ordinary people present advertising agents manufacturers and shops metal detectors. It is easy to guess that their advice will be far from objective.

So, what to look for when buying a metal detector ?

Now, it’s time that we try to answer the main question of this article. But first try to answer the following questions:

-How seriously you choose to engage in the search for treasures ?
-What kind of research do you prefer? What are you going to look ? (search for coins , jewelry , gold on the beach, collecting scrap metal , the search for war , etc.)
-What are the characteristics of the instrument more important to you ? (depth, comfort, quality metal detector , easy setup )
-How much money are you willing to spend to buy ?

Honestly answering these questions, you come to choose the best device for you.

Search for ” weekend “

If you do not have time for treasure hunting , but you are very interested in this occupation , and you are willing to devote to it a few days a month , then you do not have to buy an expensive and ” fancy ” device . Low-budget device is an excellent choice . It will be quite convenient and easy , you’ll get real pleasure from his hobby, without making unnecessary overpayments.

Device ” in mind”

If you want to buy a device for later professional search , it is best to find a happy medium. As long as you do not know how far will your passion , do not make unnecessary overpayments. Therefore, the metal detector in the mid-market will be the best choice for you.

The device for the professional

If you decide to make a living treasure hunting , be prepared to serious financial costs. For professional search needs a complex instrument , with lots of options. But to begin with such devices will not be easy .

In any case, there is always a choice and alternatives. Some appliances are looking for deeper, but slower , more difficult to set up , etc.

Choosing a metal Detector

In this article we have tried to describe all of the most popular and affordable devices for the moment. In our view the device from the list will be the best choice . Answer the questions that have been brought over , you ‘re able to give direction to their final choice . So here’s what we offer you :

Garrett Ace 150

One of the most affordable metal detectors. It is recommended to all those who want to engage in a search for ” Output hobby .” The unit will not burden you with the burdens of adjustment. However, worth noting that Garrett Ace 150 is not a toy, but a full-fledged tool for searching.

Fisher F2

Different, first of all, the depth of the search and low price. For that kind of money – a great choice. The only negative – loud and not very melodic sounds . But to suffer such discomfort can be .

Garrett Ace 250

The leader of the low-budget instruments for beginners. It is beautifully put together the following: deep search capability , ease of setup and all the required features for the novice searcher. In addition, it is possible to add an extra coil , which will increase the search depth by 30-50 %. Garrett Ace 250 is the most versatile instrument to search for scrap metal , coins and gold jewelry. It is no small instrument function , discrimination , separation of metals from the conductivity .

Garret At Pro

It is the device “in mind .” The device can be fully considered semi-professional . It’s convenient and very sensitive, easy to set up. Its main features are : integrity ( you can search under water at a depth of up to 3 meters) , high frequency (allows you to search for the smallest things) . Garret At Pro equipped with DD- coil. The device is recommended for all seekers : how newcomers hopeful professionals , and for the more experienced hunters .

Minelab X-Terra 705

Another unit of the leaders of semi- metal detectors. It is simple and gives good depth . In addition, you can ” tie” the other coil. The device is very popular among Russian seekers . It is recommended to search for large objects and coins.

Minelab Safari and Whites VX3

Instruments for professionals, but with a simplified menu. These metal detectors are designed for those who do not want to deal with complex settings , and wants to get a professional multi-frequency detector and look in the ” plug and go ” .

Fisher F75

The device for professionals. The main specialization – search for small antiques and coins. Hypersensitive and is easy to set up. The only disadvantage is the huge range of sounds , which regularly publishes the device . However, the instrument is considered to be one of the leaders in terms of finding coins and small items. Large objects he finds just as well and at great depths. Very easy to use. Charged battery will last a long time. Recommended seekers even with minimal experience search.

AKA Signum 7272m ITF

The instrument of Russian origin . It is ideal for you if you are not afraid of multiple settings and are ready to use them. Works especially well with large targets at depth. Disadvantage is the complicated settings . But if you understand all the nuances of the instrument , you will not be equal in depth search. Plus, this unit is 2 times cheaper than imported counterparts.

Whites Spectra v3i

Perhaps one of the best metal detectors worldwide. The price is high , but believe me , it’s worth it . The device is thought out every detail . Metal detector excels at finding at depths as shallow goals and larger items . All the latest and modern technologies are collected in this unit. Only this device can detect a gold chain composed of links !

And separately allocate deep metal detector Whites Tm 808 – the best choice for search and retrieval of large objects in the war .

Finally .

We hope that this material will be useful for you, and you will be able to make the right choices that will satisfy all your needs. But if you still have questions , you can feel free to ask them on our site.

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