best Metal detectors to search for gold

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Metal detectors to search for gold

The whole range of metal detectors for gold can be attributed to the category of professional equipment for the search. The diversity of this range detectors large enough and includes detectors of various levels of complexity in various price categories and destination .

In search of the lost gold jewelry , gold nuggets and coins successfully handles a large number of models of underground and underwater metal detectors, using technology VLF and PI. These metal detectors are specially adapted to search for gold. At the same time to search for gold nuggets developed specialized metal detectors for gold nuggets , including using new and emerging technologies MPS DVT.

best Metal detectors to search for gold
best Metal detectors to search for gold

The selection and purchase of a metal detector for gold, prospective study of places to search and the search process itself requires considerable investment of time and money. However, the ” dividends” , which can be obtained from the detected findings can cover all your costs nerves, effort, time and money invested. Not all fans hobby gold prospecting with a metal detector can seriously rich , but everyone has a chance ! It mostly refers to the fans of beach hunting . Here, everyone has a chance to not only , but also finds!

best Metal detectors to search for gold

Features metal detectors for gold

The main distinguishing feature of metal detectors for gold is a range of operating frequencies . Use high frequency detection range of VLF (Very Low Frequency ) , Mainly over 20kHz . Several specialized detectors uses frequency range of LF (Low Frequency. From 30 to 300 kHz). It provides high sensitivity detectors to the smallest gold targets, such as a paltry gold nuggets weighing from 90 mg to 1 g.

Objects such as labels of beer cans and pieces of foil are very similar to the conductivity of gold , particularly with gold rings . This presents a difficulty in identifying such targets even the best metal detectors for gold. The question arises whether or not to dig ? Dig it! You want to find the gold !

The signals from mineralized soil or ” hot rocks ” ( magnetic anomalies ) may exceed the faint signals from deep gold targets and give false signals . Cutting off false alarms is not an easy task, but it is solved with the help of technology of metal detectors MPS and DVT. Matched by setting a metal detector to find gold.

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Most metal detectors for gold

Worked well in practice and are the most sought following model for gold metal detectors from the leading manufacturers:

Fisher Gold Bug Pro

Fisher Gold Bug DP

Minelab GPX 5000

White’s GMT

White’s TM 808 Specialty

Nokta GoldenGate Plus 3D

Nokta Golden Sense

Tesoro Lobo Supertraq

Lorenz Deepmax X6

Tesoro Golden μMax

OKM Black Hawk

Complete Kit

Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger

Garrett AT Gold

Minelab Eureka Gold

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