Best practices for search on beach with metal detector

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This is a topic that we ‘ll show in detail because it is a form of metal detectors as I practice more . For more information on the detection in general and the use of a metal detector you can go to ( Categorie General topics ) to the metal detectors .

Before you start using metal detectors must be warned :

Warning over the waters of the sea ! In fact, if you drop your detector in sea water (except for metal detectors underwater ) , and salt with the passage of time will eventually destroy printed circuits device. Should not be ground equipment dive in the sea water (and in the water for a short time ) and make the case behind . The first thing you must do to be successful detection ranges is to choose the right metal detector . Beaches exploration requires a certain unit because of the strong mineralization of wet sand . The metal detector considering the wet sand like a metal ring and approach , which makes it very difficult to detect . There are two solutions to resolve this problem :

Using a metal detector suitable :

System (Full Band Spectrum) FBS privacy permanent use several labor frequencies ranging from 1.5 kHz to 100 kHz which makes it possible for the device is sensitive to the effects of wet sand mineralization . In part against this system requires disclosure scans with a very slow because the device takes longer to adjust after the disclosure of the target metals.

Metal Detecting on the Beach – Coins Galore


Devices using pulse induction system :

These devices use pulse induction system (they are more commonly called PI, pulse induction ) . This system makes it completely insensitive for the mineralization of wet sand , and allows them to achieve much better performance than those of very low frequencies . However you do not have a way to distinguish , but it’s not a problem to detect on the beaches

Metal detector MINELAB GPX 4500

Best practices for search on beach with metal detector
Best practices for search on beach with metal detector

Distinction between metals

It is the largest of detection on the beaches look . What interests is to detect prospectors for gold and jewelry, but unfortunately withdrawn soda cans are present in large numbers , especially on dry sand . Do not be aware that the conductivity of gold , aluminum and very close, and it automatically for Distinction pulls aluminum small Distinction Gold jewelry such as this alliance. Thus it is no secret, for the detection of gold , it will also be drilled on the aluminum scrap . By against waste rail is not a concern because there is very little : in fact sea salt destroyed within a few years , which makes the detection with pulse induction comfortable with very low frequencies.


 Revealed on the beach ?

We must focus on all the places where it is necessary to exchange , before the stalls selling sweets and sandwiches , ice cream , etc. … The rest of the dry sand area is generally very poor in money and coins , unfortunately presented in boxes , or to be of interest to detect.

Combing the sands of the beach

This is an interesting prospect for the comb area because this is where the focus will be jewelry, for one simple reason : In the summer , the air temperature is higher than the density of water . When a person will go swimming, because of the decline in temperature, and speed up the cover of his body, anything be here much more likely to have some jewelry . The region’s most interesting is the first 10 meters by sea water prospectors discovered the Mediterranean Sea covered , and this is supposed to buy a submarine detector since the tides are absent. For prospectors Atlantic rulers , the situation is different because thanks to the work of the tide a metal detector land is more than enough.

Storms :

It is a valuable ally for the prospector. In fact, gold jewelry, because of its density , quickly dug in the sand and some of them are often beyond the reach of the detector. Storms , stirring the sand and scoring goals mineral that was accessible previously inaccessible . It is common after a big storm to discover jewelry and coins from the 19th century .

Things that the observed prospectors :

Search time preferably early in the morning , due to give greater freedom in the search for lack of people to stroll .

Start a search near the water because it is the region most likely the presence of jewelry and coins.
Waste and scrap pieces and cover the bottles are collected and put in place waste collection.

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