Bikini Atoll Islands: US nuclear test site becomes one of UNESCO World Heritage sites

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Bikini Atoll Islands: US nuclear test site becomes one of UNESCO World Heritage sites  
Bikini Atoll Islands: US nuclear test site becomes one of UNESCO World Heritage sites
Bikini Atoll Islands Bikini Atoll is one of 29 island which the Republic of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Islands are scattered over 357000 square miles, this geographic region known as Micronesia and is the name was appointed the large group of small islands situated in that region of the world.
Bikini Atoll Islands are located where the second American nuclear testing in 1946 after the first experiment in the United States in New Mexico and the first experience of its cannabis hydrogen as the island’s share of the total was great American nuclear tests of 1054 experience in various places in the world and the island is living testimony to the development of nuclear weapons in the cold war and the destructive power of WMD over vandalism that can be played by human nature The following picture is the real picture of the terrifying cloud-shaped mushrooms which resulted from the first nuclear test on the island and its second nuclear test in the world. 
Bikini Atoll Islands: US nuclear test site becomes one of UNESCO World Heritage sites
Bikini Islands were discovered by the Germans who founded a colony in 1885 then and during the first world war Japan occupied islands and annexed to the Empire of Japan, but the sentence was. After World War II the United States tightened its grip on the island gained independence in 1986. In the aftermath of the first world war and the beginning of the cold war, the United States decided to resume nuclear testing in the South Pacific, specifically in the Bikini Islands, and after freeing the region from its original inhabitants were the implementation of 67 nuclear tests between 1946-1958, blast first h-bomb in 1952.
Bikini Islands maintained concrete and direct proof is very important to describe nuclear alngarb power, such as sunken ships in the deep ocean and remnants of bombs and fuel used to execute tests in 1946
And pit Bravo Bravo giant Crater caused the first real h-bomb and the largest blast conducted by Americans and caused the spread minutes and rumors largely nuclear and radioactive pollution, create image showing location of hole Bravo for the island:
A true picture of hole Bravo 
Bikini Atoll Islands: US nuclear test site becomes one of UNESCO World Heritage sites
Among people with Japanese fishing boat crew pollution consists of 23 people and took a resounding echo incident in Japan and has been producing 1954 Godzilla movie on the impact that tells the story of the awakening of the beast by American nuclear tests which impair him aalhakmh and Japanese ingenuity.
These tests, which measured 7000 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb had a major outcome on geology and natural environment in the marine and wildlife in the region, as well as persons who were exposed to radiation, suffice it to say that the three islands of the archipelago of the Marshal no longer has any existence let alone diseases caused by radiation that spread among the inhabitants of the region and the effects of the military vehicles degraded by natural factors.
Bear in contradictory picture bikini islands being paradise on Earth (as seen in image below) saw its nuclear tests are not for peace, these islands are the first island of the Marshall Islands is tested by UNESCO as a world heritage site because of its prominent role in shaping world history in the second part of the twentieth century, in addition to the evidence on its territory and in the sea for the development of nuclear weapons and cold war history in the last century.
Nuclear test also caused change date bikini Islands and Marshall Islands all because of the displacement of the indigenous population of bikini island and disperse to other Marshall Islands or to the United States and the rest of the world. The right part of the image of indigenous Islanders bien in one of the neighbouring Marshall Islands and the right pane shows the displacement 1946
The current displaced population 4,500 inhabitants and they are now waiting to be cleaned from their nuclear tests and radiation remains entirely to restore stability, while the island is inhabited by workers of the Bikini Islands construction project as well as the u.s. Department of energy. The Bikini Islanders in 1946 who remain on the island is 167 still 67 of them alive while radiation 128 people.
In the 1970s, the United States declared bikini island as a safe place to live, she returned to the island and populations but departed again after several years when the level of radioactive element “strontium” at their end, women are suffering from false loads and abortions and the birth of dead embryos or mutilated by radioactive contamination.

Local authorities began after 1980 in bikini Island to get aid from the US Government to assist indigenous people to restore stability and clean the land of residue testing and radiation, local residents say that the aid was not enough hasolwa to clean the area and make it safe to live. The Beijing gives priority to educating their children and schools, the elected local Council contracts with several American universities to send their graduates to volunteer in schools there.
After 1996 attracted the attention of bikini Island tourists globally, and described in a lot of magazines and American and international media, some described as Eden and others as one of the ten best places to dive in the world. Reported it is not only the best place for snorkeling and fishing and Sun but it’s the best place to teach you lessons in history for generations.
Now organizes diving trips and fishing to Bikini island regularly through the Marshall Islands adjacent.
It is noteworthy that there is no risk in going to Beijing, but the real danger lies in eating fruits or fish from the island because doing so would increase the proportion of radiation in the body about the allowable limit, do not eat these products by tourists or almtogihn to that region, but fish and fruits are served and other imported foodstuffs. Months fruits in bikini Islands and Marshall Islands in general are India and coconut banana and papaya and pumpkin and the type of fruit like pineapple pandanus banads name:
And another type called breadfruit breadfruit
And another plant that resembles potato called arrowroot
Live on the island different kinds of animals such as lizards and crabs and some bird species, several kinds of sharks are found in large numbers due to the lack of Lake fish in bikini island. Bikini island is characterized by a great atmosphere, temperature not more than 26 degrees Celsius in summer and winter.
Environmental scientists recently discovered coral growth again in the pit “Bravo” after over five decades as a nuclear explosion on the surface of the Earth.
Video on nuclear testing: