Boats sunk in United States

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Boats sunk in United States

They recovered a treasure of a ship sunk by the value of $ 500 million
About 15.5 tons of gold and silver are already in Florida.
It is the largest treasure found in the history.
The American company that has recovered it has not revealed the location of the sinking.

Boats sunk in United States

This company also has a permit to extract a similar treasure of waters of the Strait of Gibraltar.
Experts have valued at $ 500 million 500,000 coins which the seeker company Odyssey Marine Exploration treasures found at the bottom of the ocean, which makes this finding in the greatest of history.
Greg Stemm, one of the directors of the company, who has ensured that about 15.5 tons of gold and silver pieces have already been moved to Florida, United States has made the announcement.
Nick Bruyer, an expert who has examined a batch of coins from the wreck ensures that I do not know anything equal or comparable to it”, describing the find as unprecedented.
Without revealing the location of the sinking
Stemm has denied that the sunken ship was found in the territorial waters of a country, which would prevent its extraction by a private company without the permission of that country.
However, the company has not revealed the place where the sunken ship, arguing security measures; It is likely that this company creates that there may be still more remains of this or another shipwreck in the area of the discovery.
Odyssey Marine Exploration responsible for not wanted to make any comment on the permission that this company would have asked federal court of the United States to be able to rescue all the treasure.
According to documents presented the company with this Court, the merchant ship of the 17TH century is hudnido 40 miles to the southwest of England; last month, the Court signed the authorization for the removal of the goods from the vessel.
Stemm said that the company will release later details about the boat, but according to court documents is a boat based in England which contained coins up to 400 years old.
It might be a boat sunk 40 miles to the southwest of England.

Secret rescue

The company has kept secret all relating to the vessel ends; He has even given a code name: the Black Swan.
Most of the recovered pieces are silver, according to recount the experts who have examined them; its high value is due to its rarity and its conservation status.
We have treated this site with extreme care and the archeological work done by our team is second to none. “We have documented and thoroughly recorded the place, which we believe will have a huge historical significance”, says Stemm.


 Black Swan is the code name of the ship

A substantial business

The Black Swan”is not the only mission that has the aforementioned company. In fact, in January he obtained permission from the Spanish Government to rescue the 50.000 coins who believe that he carried the HMS Sussex, a warship sunk in a storm in 1694 in the Strait of Gibraltar.
Historians believe that the ship was carrying nearly eight tons of gold coins to buy the loyalty of the Duke of Savoy, a possible ally of England in French Southeast in the war which at the time was facing them.
Until now held the record for a maritime treasure recovered Mel Fisher, a treasure hunter who recovered the cargo from the Spanish galleon “Our Lady of Atocha”, sunk by a hurricane in Florida in the year 1622; Fisher pocketed $ 400 billion by the Treasury which contained the Spanish ship.
The company has a permit to remove the burden of an English ship sunk in the Strait of Gibraltar.