C.Scope 5MX metal detector video

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C.Scope  5MX  metal detector video

There are many detectors who say you cannot buy a better CS5MX movement. It is the device to be distinctive, and seen by its large research “Polo”. Every aspect of the CS5MX is optimized for peek performance. Circuits tuned to maximum by skilled technicians to detect metals in production plant under the control of the quality of kskobi “(standard European ISO 9001). It put out energy CS5MX through 25 cm soberliti focusing on open research-the head giving more ground and deeper coverage for less weight. There is a “power boost” facility that put the coil amplifies those deep, dim lights, even more energy and signal density meters are very sensitive to Visual confirmation. When it comes to technique, kskobi one of the leading companies. For those enthusiasts who demand the most that you can give this type of detector, and will not disappoint CS5MX-power revealed at its best. For newcomers to metal detecting, metal detector comparison is not always easy.

Chairperson of the research Polo 25 cm
On/off control, tuning
two x level of discrimination, pin point, pay
Electronics high-tuned with optional power
Adjustable leg length
Stem counterbalanced with armrest
Return automatic movement
two discrimination parallel channels
Control pin point goal
A 42-inch-length 54 inches (adjustable)
Weight 1.8 kg
Frequency: 12 kHz
Run eight x AA batteries
A two year warranty


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