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Choosing your first metal detector

Choosing your first metal detector   Data on the choice of models of metal detectors are relevant at the time of this writing  , we followed all the available new in the market , and of course take into account the hidden depths of the potential of individual models in extra coils ( which is […]

Metal Detector Plus With Selector For Gold And Silver

Where to Look for Treasure

MD-3010 Double Plus, Gold Digger Treasure Hunter is high quality Chinese copy of the Garrett Ace-250. Metal Detector, gold, metals MD3010II detects up to 2 Metres This metal detector is able to detect gold, silver, jewels, relics, and more, can be used on land, beach, or military operations Equipped with sensitivity control settings of material […]

the relationship between red mercury and money

red mercury liquid

the relationship between red mercury and money I used to think that the story of red mercury has ended, but I’ve found that there are many questions which reached me about red mercury . But the facts of this story is strange occurred in the village , .. has spread among the people that there is […]

How to make a homemade metal detector

How To Turn A Calculator Into A Metal Detector

cd calculator metal detectir Make a Homemade Metal Detector how to make homemade Mines detector very simple this version should be effective to depths how to make a metal detector from a calculator, an AM or FM radio,Building a metal detector can be quite simple. Turn on your non-solar powered calculator and place it in the middle of the Cd-R ,A metal detector can be an extremely helpful device to have around when a set of headphones, CD-R disc, DVD-R disc, small solar powered calculator,Now with both the calculator and the radio turned on, position the calculator close to the metal Turn your radio on, and try the metal detector out on any type of metal.

Homemade metal detector

Homemade metal detector

make metalm gol detetector how to build a metal detector at home,Building your own metal detector is fun and educational. Not only can save you hundreds of dollars,If you are looking for a calculator fm radio metal detector , metal detector schematic. simple deep gold. how to make a metal detector.method in using a few household items to make a HomeMade Metal Detector,based on the same technology found in minelabs gpx series gold detectors.Building your own metal detector is Building your own metal detector hobby project. Making your own metal detector is definitely not an easy project, but there are metal detector that is designed to find gold nuggets is that detector’s .Have you ever lost a small metal object like a gold ring in the sand and tried desperately to find it,Make a Metal Detector to find it.

The jewellery industry and handicrafts

The jewellery industry and handicrafts

The jewellery industry and handicrafts More gold metals kidnapped for attention because of the wonderful glow and is most intense and shiny and is less corrosion might be exposed to metals and purity affect gold prices, since human antiquity excelled in gold and jewellery industry and creativity in the jewellery industry and handicrafts, made of […]

Excavations and its relation to the science of archaeology and restoration

Excavations and its relation to the science of archaeology and restoration Flag of excavations and archaeology and restoration:- On this subject the environment effects on buried sites, excavation and study the importance of environment in intact live effects and different circumstances surrounding, therefore it invites us to point out the importance of this science and […]

With the proliferation of detectors for gold is the dream of wealth

Gold on the beach or how to choose a metal detector

  With the proliferation of detectors for gold is the dream of wealth Get-rich-quick Finder being behind dreams searching for gold in the eastern desert and the Egyptian Sudan joint border.  Hundreds of young people working in groups to search for gold on the surface of the Earth and be tempted to find small quantities […]

Unfounded treasures of tombs-hoards

the secret a treasure hunt treasures

You’ve been looking for a hidden treasure all your life, and now you’ve finally found it. Cemetery Treasure! Buried deep inside the cave. Also, many treasures lost during the Second World War in aircraft accidents. Ships are considered to be war graves and are supposed to be protected from divers. What are some of the world’s non-applicable treasures, buried treasures are regularly found, and some gold and jewelry are worth millions.

metal detector for gold ring

metal detector for gold ring

Gold ring, gilded sensor, gold nugget detectors, Silver and Gold underground metal detector gold Digger Hunter, With modern technology, precious gold metal, becomes all To this, rub the ring or chain about the denim fabric. Unfortunately, we need a device called a gold detector. Gold is a rich metal used for women jewelry. Have you […]