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Dowsing rods – How Does Dowsing Rods Work

الطريقة الصحيحة لاستخدام اسياخ النحاس

Dowsing rods and effective in search for treasures Dowsing rods and effective in search for treasures The subject of dowsing rods subject synaptic some researchers don’t believe in dowsing rods actively searching for treasures buried in the ground, and some believed that the dowsing rods are sometimes the best detectors deployed at markets, and by […]

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How To Make Dowsing Rods Best Metal For Dowsing Rods Buy Dowsing Rods Dowsing Rods For Sale Dowsing Rods Paranormal How Does Dowsing Rods Work How Dowsing Rods Work Best Material For Dowsing Rod Dowsing Copper Dowsing Rods Dowsing Pendulum Divining Rod. The most important part of running a dowsing instrument is the position of […]

electronic dowsing rod circuit diagram

electronic dowsing rod circuit diagram

metal detectors and General electronic instruments, however, Dowsing to find hoards and treasure the work with pendulum Work is performed on a map, is no worse than map or diagram-plan Work with shaped rods or V-shaped core by type, dowsing device, detection of geopathic zones. With all the confusion of a flowchart-circuits diagram of this […]

How to use a pendulum for beginners

Tips on using a pendulum

How to use a pendulum for beginners,A group of pendulums for beginners polarized positively don’t have radiation, which can negatively affect a person that works with it. Recommended for training, is also used for testing food products, medicinal herbs, signs of radiation leaks, reading charts. The spiritual leader of using the pendulum divination for healing […]

Stones and Zodiac

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Stones and Zodiac Millennium observing the constellations have allowed the ancient magicians and priests to identify the relationship between them, certain minerals , and people born under this or any other constellation . There are several classifications matching precious stones . Below is one of the most common . Highlighted stones , bringing the maximum […]