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geo examiner metal detector

geo examiner geophysical system

Metal detector GEO EXAMINER GOLD DETECTORS – GEO EXAMINER Metal detector GEO EXAMINER Geo Examiner is a computer (touch) touchscreen, so you no longer need to worry about the buttons or knobs using other detectors. 3. SYSTEMS INTEGRATED IN A SINGLE DEVICE: Probe geophysics. To detect and graphically separate objectives of the spaces empty and […]

Troy Shadow X-5 metal detectors

what frequency is good for small gold High frequency metal detectors- metal detectors for gold

Innovative solutions allowed for increased sensitivity from the ground. It detects small objects at a deep depth, it one of the best tools to find nuggets and relics. The instrument may work in the search for all metals, special sound tone and discriminatory treatment . Soil balance-automatic and precise manual, without loss of sensitivity, excludes […]

Repair of XP Gmaxx coil

Coil detector 15 x 12 "- 38 cm for detectors Detectors XP Gold Maxx Power, GMaxx II

Comrade happened trouble, the very frequent use of CBMs started with problems-CBMs started to produce phantom sounds/signals, and later, it was not possible to work with the machine at all. There was a hunch on the coil, because when the wire was tapped, there were anomalies. Compadre, being a reasonable and low-threshold man, decided to […]

compass 42 metal detector

compass 42 metal detector

Finder 42 is a long-range metal detector. Variable frequency to cover gold, copper, silver and iron. The sensitivity control of the maximum range reaches 1000 meters, depending on the size of the target, the operator’s capacity, and the depth of up to 6 meters. The frequency generator on the basis of the direct digital synthesis, […]

lectra search x 60

lectra search x 60

Everyone is warned, everything below (and in different ads) is written about the marvelous properties of long range Treasure Locators (LRL) is a complete tuftoj In due time, I checked the. So did the same thing. I checked with my own experience. Anybody using long range treasure Locators (LRL)? The descriptions on the Internet are […]

High Quality Metal Detectors-ceia metal detectors

Security inspection detectors for security services

High Quality Metal Detectors-ceia metal detectors The company produces industrial ceia metal detectors and hand held detectors. and is currently a leader in the design and manufacture of metal detectors for industrial purposes and the purposes of the safety of objects, as well as for ground search. The solution offered by ceia include detection equipment […]

Ground Penetrating Radar Depth

ground penetrating radar systems

Ground Penetrating Radar Depth 3D radar. Maximum depth of scan: 120 cm. Provides 3D surveys under the surface of the Earth at one time. Underground utility lines discovered, From the latest and most powerful detection systems for gold and minerals and underground treasures at all is a modern ground penetrating radar to detect objects and […]

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