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metal detector coil enclosure buy Increased diameter coils can increase the depth of the metal detector, but at the same time lost sensitivity on small targets, Great reel to search garbage territories. Standard 9-inch coil metal detector, Search coils for metal detectors. Large reel to increase the depth of the search, the sniper will search the hard-to-reach places. coil for metal detector with his hands, metal detector coil for pirate, coils for garrett ace 250 metal detector, the coil metal detector minelab, buy BU coil metal detector, metal detector coil of twisted-pair, coil to the detector.

How to choose a metal detector coil

The size of the coil diameter important

Aftermarket Metal Detector Coils Garrett Metal Detector Coils Whites Metal Detector Coils Used Metal Detector Coils Metal Detector Coils Reviews Metal Detector Search Coils Metal Detector Coil Design Homemade Metal Detector Coil Garrett Metal Detectors Whites Metal Detector Coil Metal Detector Accessories Whites Metal Detector Accessories. How to choose a metal detector coil   The […]

Repair of XP Gmaxx coil

Coil detector 15 x 12 "- 38 cm for detectors Detectors XP Gold Maxx Power, GMaxx II

Comrade happened trouble, the very frequent use of CBMs started with problems-CBMs started to produce phantom sounds/signals, and later, it was not possible to work with the machine at all. There was a hunch on the coil, because when the wire was tapped, there were anomalies. Compadre, being a reasonable and low-threshold man, decided to […]

large coil metal detector

large coil metal detector

Usually we see additional search coil large or even larger than normal diameter as the correct means to increase detection depth. And indeed it is finds, lying at a depth with standard coil, it is often easy to see the device, equipped with a larger coil. Metal detector X-Terra 705 with the coil Nel Attack […]