How to choose a security camera system

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How to choose a security camera system

If you are thinking about purchasing a camera system for tracking your assets , you should pay attention to these lines . Let’s go find the basic steps on how to choose a camera system so that it is effective and it was just so easy to overcome or circumvented.

Most of the camera system purchase as a supplement to the signaling system to enable us to provide the maximum amount of evidence of criminal activity carried out on our property . For this reason, the camera system equipped with a recording unit. This also brings some limitations but by the defenders of privacy.

Such a system can actually operate only on their private land . If you are ready to operate on the property of a legal person , such as an apartment building , you will need the consent of all persons living in this house. In the case of the operation of the camera system to record, such as in offices and shops , must be reported to the steps before entering the guarded object. It is then necessary to use a camera system only to protect their property and not for any other purposes or to at least declare as follows in all communications .

The camera system

Now the correct choice of CCTV . The camera system will always consist of individual cameras , recording unit , and in some cases with an Internet connection. Security cameras are always the most important element in a camera system. What is  camera , it does not get longer . It is good to choose the right quality resolution camera and its focal length.

Home security system Intrusion Protection System HD- Home Security System Logitech Alert 750i

A more detailed description of the parameters of camera systems , see security camera systems and their parameters.
The cameras can be connected to the recording unit wired or wirelessly. Unfortunately, the wireless connection has been largely limited to the transmission distance . Is it necessary to pass it through to a maximum of two brick wall and it still only at lower signal quality . The most commonly used because the cable connection , which is more reliable and better quality . A more detailed description and comparison of wired and wireless camera systems , see Wired versus wireless camera systems.

The recording unit provides recording on storage media such as SD cards or hard disk , similar to that used in PC . All of today’s modern recording units are able to detect motion in the picture and video capture and record only events of interest . Such a method reduces the storage capacity of the disk and also very well done event search in these records . You do not have to go through the amount of recorded movies , but filters only a short time, according to records .

Some recording unit allows connection to the Internet and viewing the live image and recording via computer to a local computer network and the Internet remotely from anywhere in the world. Some units allow the recording and viewing via smart phones. You can always keep track of what is happening in your house.

The deployment of CCTV

How did deploy security cameras to get the best results and to minimize damage to the camera system , offenders who tries it probably harmless.

CCTV access control and perimeter security 4 tips for building a CCTV in the store

To place the camera uses several techniques to minimize damage or sabotage camera system
Pair cameras – larger, more expensive camera systems are used pair of cameras that monitor each other and when damage is recording a second offender. Or summon security, if the camera is equipped with a safety contact or recording unit detects a loss of signal from the camera.
Protecting location – another method is to install security cameras outside the reach of the ordinary man in order to avoid destruction without a ladder. Such a method is mainly used in places where the use of a ladder caused a stir and the offender can not allow it.

Hidden cameras – frequently used method is to hide security cameras in front of the offender. The camera can be hidden , for example, transparent or mirror glass mirror foil. There are also pinhole cameras that are specifically designed for hidden installation . The outlook they simply 3 mm large hole. It can thus hide information panel for example , into the junction box or the cover of a device such as a lamp or the like.
Misdirection offender – also likes to use any hoax perpetrator. For mystification to use dummy security cameras. Dummies are installed and visible so that they fit into the eye of the offender first. Functional cameras are installed discreetly and unobtrusively . The offender then releases straight to dummy camera . After finding out that this is a dummy security cameras, has mostly does not continue to sabotage other cameras and still allowed to make a functional cameras.

Not only the location of safety cameras is important. It is necessary to properly position and recording unit so that it burglar perpetrator steals or her mistake with the VCR . Given that most of you will be recording unit need only access when you search any record , does not need to be too accessible . If you have it connected to a network , you can hide it completely and control it only through a computer.

The complexity of the installation of the camera system

The complexity of the installation of the camera system is easier than it sounds. When you install a security camera system you will need common tools to mount security cameras and cables.

Detailed description of the installation , refer How to install a security camera system.

Installation of security cameras

Security cameras are bolted to a solid surface , usually a wall or ceiling. Scan direction is set by rotary holder . Each camera is topped with two connectors . One connector is for connection to recording video , and the other is used to power the camera. Power exists in most cases the power adapter into the nearest outlet. Simply connect a plug into an outlet .

Installation of video recording

Security video recording does not require any complicated installation . Its appearance is similar to normal home video and also to install. If you insert it into the desired location close to TV or monitor, and connect with each other and television to 220V . Unlike current video, but provided with a set of connectors for each camera , and features such as motion detection and search the records by parameters.

Choosing the best home security systems
Choosing the best home security systems

Recording video is always sold without a hard disk. It is sold separately . Installing the drive is not complicated , but at the request of her free preformed prior to shipment of the ordered goods.

Connecting the individual components

The individual components of a security camera system to connect the coaxial cable. Always connects the camera is recording video directly . At both ends of the cable is provided with BNC terminals . Most cameras and video recording is also equipped with BNC connectors , so you only need to slide the connectors and wiring are done.

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