cibola tesoro metal detector

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cibola tesoro metal detector


Tesoro company is gaining popularity among search engines , and its products are increasingly becoming both beginners and experienced treasure hunters . And they can understand ! Detector Tesoro Cibola lightweight, has good performance , easy management, and all at an affordable price. This metal detector was set up so as to turn it on and start the search without spending a lot of time setting. Cibola similar appliances such as Vaquero or Tejon. At Cibola balance the soil is not adjustable by the user , and is set by the manufacturer for optimal mark. The line uses three control options , as well as switches and buttons . Operating functions are similar to other management models of detectors of this company.

Regulator ‘ sensitivity ‘ can turn the unit on and adjust its power . Discriminator, which is an exception to the search for specific types of metals. The controller adjusts the threshold of noise audible threshold.
Frequency switch allows you to select the desired frequency search (there are three : 14.3 kHz , 14.5 kHz or 14.7 kHz .) This is very useful when working with Cibola , surrounded by peers, where other devices can operate at the same frequency , or in the area where there may be electrical interference. With the button ‘ pinpoint ‘ you can go to static mode to help you find the center of the detected target .

In Tesoro Cibola used circuit part , focused on Tejon and Vaquero, which are known for quality appliances and are popular among search engines. Power supply of the metal by a 9 volt battery – about 20 hours of continuous operation. If desired, you can install the battery. Cibola weighs 1.2 kg, is very well balanced. The unit is broken down into three parts, the bundle includes a standard 9 x 8 search coil – fully waterproof , which can be submerged in water during the search.

cibola tesoro metal detector
cibola tesoro metal detector

When used on the ground with excessive salinity , the detector is stable , but it is necessary to adjust the threshold sound, for better search.
In the discriminator unit gives the results ( with a sensitivity of 10 and a note discriminator 5c)

There is a fairly narrow category of searchers who work with metal detectors without display , without feeling discomfort. Over time, they develop a skill that allows the use of sound with a high degree of accuracy without the display to identify the target. In the pinpoint signals have different shades that vary depending on the depth of the target. Coins give a softer light, ferrous metals – a hard tone. On the field with a black loam soil detector behaves less confident , phantoms arise infrequently. Ground balance is set up well .

You can adjust the threshold a little noise in the pinpoint mode by turning the ‘ threshold ‘ button clockwise . Thus, the detection depth and sensitivity of the device will increase. Disadvantage of this technique is that the regime pinpoint is totally unsuitable for the normal search because the detector will emit a loud alarm threshold . If you set the discriminator to accept all metals and adjust the sensitivity to 9, the black metal is very easy to identify by the sharp sound signal . Non-ferrous metals is much softer sound . Over time you get used to and get the hang of in this regard.

Unboxing of my new metal detector, the tesoro cibola


To date , the price of some models do not match the quality and characteristics of the list , Tesoro confidently gaining its place in the market and is gradually replacing the detectors favorite with all Troy. Although , if a good deal in this device , it becomes quite clear that it is good for beginners and advanced search engine , but a professional treasure hunter will be cramped in its settings . In the highly mineralized soil Cibola tends to ” coast ” because the balance of the soil is already in the detector . So when looking for a very ” fragile ” soils better use Vaquero, which has a manual balance. This instrument will provide better detection and plus smoothing filter . At Cibola provide additional coil that will optimize the performance of the device for a particular search engine and land on the ground searching.

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