coinmaster pro manual – quick reference guide

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coinmaster pro manual – quick reference guide

For detailed instructions in the user manual , in detail

Button ON -OFF

Opens and closes the metal detector if the battery is weak start to weaken during the year would go on-screen displays LOW BATT ie low battery and will light up the screen an icon left of the screen with a battery flashing.

Button SENS ( sensitivity)

Adjusts the sensitivity of the detector in the background, if the detector has parasites from external electrical interference sensitivity should be adjusted by the operator depending territorial needs by increasing or decreasing the level of sensitivity appear constantly on the screen of the detector.

coinmaster pro manual - quick reference guide

coinmaster pro manual – quick reference guide

The button P / P

Enables setting PIN POINT ie centering , to better identify the target but when we probe our react sideways ie has a radius of action.

Can be used during the investigation when all metals are desirable to find ( the display distinguishes regardless ) just press the button P / P All types of metals are identified by an audible signal (beep ) which is basically the sound for all metals and have the ability to understand headphones the size of metals. no adjustments to settings while you click P / R.

Setting DISC ( unbundling)

Selects the acceptance or rejection of a class of metals through the screen, eg iron to brass caps , current indications are displayed continuously on the screen.


The depth for small metals such as coins automatically show in the left part of the screen.

Metals larger or smaller volume of coins will go awry little of this show , for example, a soft drink will give clues that you find shallow soil, however can be found deep in the ground. a metal or micro currency may give clues that you find very deep but found very superficially. whatever finding a particular size results ( indications ) are persistent and recurring every time .


Separation metal sounds

The display TONE ID ( identification targets with audible tones ) is feasible when the indicator is displayed. Press TONE ID to enable or disable this function.

Patent and lowering the arrow button DISC to a minimum , three different sounds give an indication of the categories of minerals on display.

This function TONE ID makes the operator to understand the sound category of metals , ie if the metal is noble failure even before consulting the display screens .


Press SMART NOTCH the segregation index is in FOLL ( foils ) or more discarded jump rings from cans of soft drinks . With the pointer to shows DISC CONTROL NICHELS the upward NICHELS accepted .

button SMART NOTCH either rejects the jump rings from cans of soft drinks, or accept NICHELS a missing person or an additional symbol DISC shows that SMART NOTCH is busy or blocked .
With COINMASTER PRO both what common needs for such discharge are available automatically by operation SMART NOTCH.

Centering the VCO

Here the oscillator VCO increases progressively tone sound and psiloteros tone comes out when the disc is pricey above the target , this function is activated while you press the center button P / P that leads to the display signal ALL METALS and after press MULTI TONE and comes a picture like touch screen .