Commemorative gold coins

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Commemorative gold coins


In addition , there are also investment coins commemorative coins , also made ​​of precious metals. However, this is not the only thing that unites investment and commemorative coins . This type of gold coins can also be used to invest money , although there has its own specifics .


Differences commemorative coins :


– Is not designed for continuous turnover ( sales )
– Usually of high quality and artistic value
– Small circulation

All this brings commemorative coins to works of art , investing in that , as we know, can produce a very good income.

Commemorative gold coins purchase of precious metal coins Gold coins of America - American coins of gold for sale

What commemorative coins exist ?


First of all , it’s terrific coins from precious metals – for example, a series of ” Hero Cities “. They are released in large quantities and , if will be of interest in terms of investment , then three years later .

However, produced and much more rare and expensive coins . Limited edition (this is a matter of hundreds or thousands of copies ) naturally raises their prices (due to the small supply) on the numismatic market.

For example, here is a coin :

In ten years or twenty will cost more obviously nominal.
Why not such coins as investment ? All the matter is that the price of commemorative coins depends little on the price of gold as such – all dictates the demand and artistic value .

Therefore, the purchase and sale of commemorative gold coins – it is rather a business, not an investment. The main difficulty in this business – not ” when to buy , when to sell ,” and ” how to buy , whom to sell .”

Banks  commemorative coins sold , but imagine what a chance that you will be able to buy on the open market coin edition of 100 pieces ?

So making money on commemorative coins – very profitable occupation , but requires well-established connections  and in-depth knowledge of the coin market . But the matter , it is certainly interesting and promising . However, these coins to a small extent (unlike , for example, bars ) insure against global crises and such shocks : a good job commemorative coin expensive material.