Comparison between the metal detectors digital and analog

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Comparison between the metal detectors digital and analog

Principles of operation, characteristics and comparison of analog and digital metal detectors.

The main difference between analog from digital detectors lies in the principles of construction and Surfacing signal. The fact that powerful digital microprocessors have generated a lot of features that were associated with it. Thus most of the indicators in such devices based on the processes of mathematical treatments and complex algorithms.

While a different approach in building a signal was sent to the almost complete absence of stages during which there had been interference of template variables – that is what led to the separation of analog metal detectors.
Comparison between the metal detectors digital and analog

Talking about the features of these detectors is still more we will talk about their absence. After all, the complex processes that help convert the signals , the flow of energy and electromagnetic pulses in the form of accessible digital information is completely absent from the analog devices. Then what is the difference between them and the possible benefits , you ask , if metal detectors are essentially ” cut down .” But this is not the case.

In reality, all those features that form the parameters of the digital metal detectors are a kind of compromise between the convenient and expeditious method of displaying information on the one hand and the ” loss of sensitivity ” to the pure mind the signal on the other. Since these operations are in the detector as a filter, which filters out and leaves only the most necessary piece of information , but loses the remains secondary , more difficult for the data to give more feedback to the maximum .

The argument over which is better probably never end . But maybe it’s not  formulated question . We were there with you are only interested in only the features and potential advantages of one over the other metal detectors . Going back to talking about the analog detectors are able to convey all that part of the net signal information is to say that this is achieved without any visual indicator.

Yes – such devices Listen display , the entire complexity of the information is transmitted only by means of acoustic response and alert. This is an extremely difficult process for any metal detector and every experienced search engine knows that no matter how professional the detector he held in his hands, with a great many functions , in any case, audio feedback is the most informative indicator .

Of course along with the fact that the analog detectors are deprived of the display will have to put up with the lack of such features as VDI – a numerical rating of display purposes , as well as some others. But on the other hand at the same time we will get more power output signal and the loss of calibration which will , in turn, a stable job and unmistakable identification purposes.

Such detectors are preserved some of the functions do not affect the principle of their work, such as discrimination , the balance of soil, setting the threshold of sound and other related audio response. For discrimination is possible to monitor only with multitone reviews . Because search with such metal detectors is especially good when you use good , professional stereo headphones. Work and understanding of analog devices usually requires a lot of experience .

Although it would seem that the balance between analog and digital detectors is – still the largest market share in the digital metal detectors because require less laborious approach without losing the important features within the requirements. However, for the most virtuous  search engines that focus on a specific type of search and achieve maximum results in spite of what is not – suitable analogue instruments .

After all, when you try to call any metal ” best” – should understand that this does not mean that it will be universal . It is here that the advantages of analog circuits, as with specialization in low or high operating frequency , with different kinds of search coils and other features – such detectors  extremely good at it. Among them, there is no universal instrument , but they are matchless with a focus on one goal , whether it’s searching of large deep targets , military artifacts , or the smallest items such as native gold .

The main leader in analog detectors is firm XP Metal Detectors that deserves respect in just one search engine such as the iconic metal XP Gold Maxx Power.