compass long range finder 52

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compass long range finder 52

To Compass Finder 52 is one of the newest models of COMPASS. It is remotely by selecting frequency detector gold (three frequencies: GOLD 1, GOLD 2, GOLD 3), Silver (SILVER), copper (BRASS) and iron (IRON) to research the corresponding metal. The choice of frequency is made by pressure switch and lights the corresponding led.
Then we can do research on the metal which corresponds to the frequency chosen. From the sensitivity switch check the distance of the investigation, depending on the quantity of the metal and the skills of the operator can be reached and the 1,000 meters. From the triple antennas to transmit and receive signals. The function of this machine is automated and operator’s settings. The small size of the machine, the light weight and cutting-edge electronics available make the Compass 52 manageable and successful detector distances.


compass long range finder 52
compass long range finder 52

 Specifications compass long range finder 52

Rod length: 11 inches 28 cm open & = 1 inch = 2.5 cm closed
DISCIPLINES research Frequencies 
Sensitivity = sensitivity: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Research methods: one frequency at a time.
Microcontroller: Typ. High strength circuit.
Digital Frequency synthesis (DDS)
Programmable. Humidity 0-95%
Operating temperature: from 0 to 45 degrees Celsius.
Storage temperature: from-10 to 55 degrees Celsius
9V batteries: One of
Battery duration: Simple 5-10 hours Alkaline & 10-15 hours
Maximum depth: 6 meters
Maximum distance: 1,000 meters

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