Conflicting predictions on gold prices

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Conflicting predictions on gold prices are common due to the multitude of factors influencing the market. Here’s why different experts might have contrasting views:

Bullish Predictions (Positive Outlook)

Geopolitical Uncertainty: If geopolitical tensions rise or there’s global instability, investors flock to gold as a safe haven, potentially driving prices up.

Inflation Concerns: Inflationary pressures can increase the demand for gold as a hedge against loss of purchasing power, leading to higher prices.

Economic Downturns: During economic recessions or market volatility, investors seek refuge in gold, expecting higher prices due to increased demand.

Bearish Predictions (Negative Outlook)

Strong Dollar: A robust US dollar often suppresses gold prices, as gold becomes more expensive for holders of other currencies.

Interest Rates: Rising interest rates can lead to reduced gold demand as it doesn’t offer interest or dividends, potentially lowering prices.

Economic Recovery: During periods of economic growth, investors might favor riskier assets over gold, causing a decrease in demand and prices.

How to Navigate Conflicting Predictions

Research Diverse Opinions: Consider various sources and experts’ rationale behind their predictions.

Understand Market Dynamics: Analyze global economic trends, geopolitical events, and central bank policies influencing gold prices.

Diversify Investments: Hedge against uncertainty by diversifying your portfolio beyond gold to mitigate risks.

Long-term Perspective: Consider your investment horizon. Short-term fluctuations might not impact long-term trends.

Seek Professional Advice: Consult financial advisors or experts for personalized guidance aligned with your investment goals.

Conflicting predictions on gold prices stem from the complex and interconnected nature of global markets. While experts offer insights, predicting gold prices accurately remains challenging. Analyze multiple perspectives, consider diverse factors influencing gold, and make informed decisions that align with your investment strategy and risk tolerance.

Conflicting predictions on gold prices


gold prices

The majority of central banks become net purchasers» him «»

Purchasing power to increase the inventory in a number of States increase gold price («Middle East»)

New York

Experienced private investors who have gold in their portfolio from the waves rise and fall in gold prices during the past 18 months, with the price of gold towards 1730 dollars per ounce, which is less than the index in the month of September 2011 when it revolves around 1920, but at the same time higher than the record low levels during the month of may, when its price to $ 1,537.

Conflicting predictions on gold prices

According to the New York Times newspaper, while the private banks agree that possession of gold should be part of a balanced portfolio, it is also a year of optimism stabilize its price at about 1800 dollars an ounce by the end of this year, these banks are divided on the prospects for long-term investment in gold.


In the refugee camp of optimists, says Zhu Sun Jake, head of strategic and economic research for the private banks in the Asia-Pacific region in the Bank «Credit Suisse», a major longer-term gold «stable».


Zhu, living in adds Singapore: «as an asset that does not generate revenue, gold from low interest rate environment, ” adding: ” We expect continued low interest rates environment for year or two others, under nominal economic growth and shrinking financial sector».


Zhu reiterates that it is likely that central banks diversifying their reserves of foreign exchange and gold.


The Jay Roberts, head of portfolio consulting in Asia the «ABC» feed to wealth management, the numbers of Chinese buyers for gold has risen rapidly over the past decade, becoming closer now from the level of demand in India, which historically were the largest source of demand for gold. Said Roberts, a resident of Hong Kong, the majority of central banks become net purchasers of “gold in 2010 after the «net» vendors over the past two decades. Roberts adds: “this trend is expected to continue, which adds a significant marginal».


Confirm Roberts to the current gold prices may be low actually, since it does not take into account the possibility of some kind of collapse in the euro zone or any potential geopolitical shocks, for example as a result of the worsening political situation in the Middle East.


gold prices


Thought branay Gupta, Chief investment in Asia in the Bank «Lombard audier darrier Hentsch» in Hong Kong, the demand for jewellery from the rising middle class in China and India will continue to support levels of effective demand, adding that gold prices also benefited from the needs of central bankers in emerging markets who manage foreign exchange reserves to diversify reserves of world currencies such as the dollar, pound and euro, with a decrease in value due to stimulus policies.


Gupta expects rising gold prices for 2000 dollars an ounce in the next 12 months, with prices higher than this level in the next 24 months. But not everyone agreed with that view, says Stefan Hofer, a strategist in emerging markets Bank «Julius Baer», inflected long-term projections for gold “more conservative”, where the Bank expects gold prices to 1,650 dollars per ounce in the next 12 months, then start to decline after that.


Hoover says: «for a kind of balance between supply and demand, financial investors will have to keep buying huge quantities of gold not to market any surplus has been in before, ” adding: ” We are not convinced that this balance over the next 12 months.


Believes Dominique Schneider, head of commodity research at «UBS wealth management», the gold price will settle around 1875 dollars per ounce in the next 12 months, after a climb at the end of this year to about 1950 dollars per ounce.


Says Schneider: «secure investment demand in the short term an easy task, but it’s different in the long term. To ensure low before gold market, demand for investment in gold to rise permanently. He said that this may be a challenge, if the expectations of interest rate increases “become a central theme in 2014.


In General, it is recommended that bankers from the private sector that investors have between 3 to 10 per cent of their portfolio in gold. Roberts suggested that of «r» ABC mndgmant wells to start real property investors of gold or rolling investment fund backed by real gold property, and then add in one stock companies prospecting for gold.


«Gold stocks are more volatile in usual metal itself, so explain, adding that gold itself valuable stocks. In comparison, the stock “are subject to certain risks associated with companies such as high labor costs and energy costs and the risks of project implementation, the risks for companies such as usurpation behaviour which is not recommended by many. He said gold is the final currency “, if you will, where there is no Central Bank in the world could print more of them, unlike the mandatory currency».


Said: «the value of gold stocks, on the other hand, relies on investor expectations of the assessment work for a particular company specializing in gold mining. Schneider noted that investors who choose to acquire real property from gold are turning to longer-term vision, and want to stick out. «But for short-term investors who want to enjoy more flexibility and lower costs, is open (view account) as a good way to deal in gold market», explaining that banks give those accounts for customers, and are similar to savings accounts. «View account gives customers the ability to use investment structures associated with option contracts a high degree of efficiency, but it also carries risks of credit-risk exposure of the Bank may not be welcome in difficult financial situations.

He added: “investors should pay attention also to the place the store by gold. The saying: «no one can exclude the possibility that politicians want to acquire gold, referring to what happened in the United States in 1933, when President Franklin Roosevelt confiscated gold to prevent stored during the great depression. Said: «I am not saying that will happen, but some pay attention to where you stored the gold, and this occupies (Singapore Freeport) an important strategic position between India and China, which will benefit from demand for owning gold at the regional level gold prices.