Consumer report about Whites Coinmaster Pro

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Consumer report about Whites Coinmaster Pro


As White’s Coinmaster, metal detector White’s Coinmaster PRO – this is one of the restyled models of family Prizm, namely – White’s Prizm IV. From its basic version metal detector White’s Coinmaster PRO offers extra coil (9.5 inches vs. 8 ), and a new color scheme case. The purchase of this kind of search appliances aimed primarily at novice treasure hunters and artifacts as well as different settings and the utmost simplicity in such an important moment , as it is the democratic price . Enter newcomer to the world of romance will search detailed instructions and an introductory video .

Whites CoinMaster Pro new detector firm White’s, which replaced the Prizm IV. Is different from the presence of the regime CoinMaster SMART NOTCH ( possibility of electoral ban category , not sequentially).
CoinMaster Pro is for those who want to buy a multi-purpose device for a low price and reliable quality . He is perfect as the first and main unit . White’s metal detectors are ideal for searching in the old days as well as on small items , as well as on the war and archaeological excavations. Thanks to its precise signals and search depth , metal detectors will please both novices and more experienced searchers already . Whites Coinmaster Pro better than other metal detectors can sift ferrous metals and more precisely specify the color of metals . At first glance, it is ” rustic ” device , it is able to compete with the detectors as well as the professional middle class.

Consumer report about Whites Coinmaster Pro coinmaster pro manual - quick reference guide
Consumer report about Whites Coinmaster Pro

Settings management is carried out by means of several buttons that allow you to configure discrimination search mode for all metals or total ban on the response to the tabs from beer cans and iron tune the detection depth , or switch to search mode to accurately identify the object. Information about the object, the current settings and battery status is displayed on the LCD. Metal White’s Coinmaster PRO performs the work in two modes: dynamic discrimination and pseudo statical , implying the search for all metals and accurate detection .

On a compact monochrome displays all the necessary information (discrimination , battery life , the approximate depth of the subject, sensitivity). Unlike the more expensive metal detectors , this device is easy to use and understand the basic functions can be even on an intuitive level.
Despite its ease and simplicity of the detector shows a decent performance . The apparatus offers the possibility to selectively search the ability to display a depth at which the objects are small . Metal detectors can seek iron, copper , gold, bronze and silver and other metal alloys . White’s Coinmaster \ Coinmaster Pro is one of the best metal detectors , which proved to be excellent at sifting ferrous metals and more precise searching the color of the metal.
Search submerged for this model is also no problem . The coil can be safely submerged , But ! Just prior to the control unit. The block itself is afraid of water , and it is better to protect from moisture . The unit will show the exact data without distortion , as well as on land and in water.

White’s Coinmaster Pro Metal Detector Review


Features detector

CoinMaster features a new integrated microprocessor
The new 9.5 “coil
Powered by technology VLF
reasonable price
a complete set of necessary functions ( selective search of metals , the depth indication , accurate detection mode )

characteristics of the detector

Manually adjust the sensitivity ( note: the sensitivity can not be set to the maximum mark , if a high level of salinity or near power lines .)
, The sequence of cut-off unnecessary metals when looking for
Two modes: dynamic and accurate target acquisition mode (Pin-Pointer)
You can connect headphones ( connector 1 \ 4 “Jack)

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