Counterfeit and fake gold coins

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Counterfeit and fake gold coins

When private transactions need to be very careful, because you can buy a fake coin. For identification and detection of gold coins with counterfeit should know the basic properties of metals, technical parameters and design features of genuine coins. You also need to know how to use simple, accessible and affordable tools. And, of course, you need to have some practical experience with gold coins.

One of the methods for determining the authenticity of gold coins on the principle of comparing the details of registration study coin and its technical parameters with authentic samples. In the study of coins should pay attention to the degree of similarity of portraits, figures of people, animals, and other available objects. You also need to evaluate how well minted coin, whether it meets the specified technical and geometrical parameters, uniform for the entire run. After all, an exact reproduction of complex relief patterns genuine coins, as well as providing an adequate level of technical quality treatment in makeshift conditions, and even when using the factory equipment (not stamped destination) is almost impossible.

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In order to accurately measure the size, it is better not to use a caliper that can “react” to the small burrs and scratches, and measure themselves not on the obverse and reverse fields. Better to measure the thickness of the coins in the area of ​​internal micrometer rib edge.

Thus compared design details, the mass, diameter and thickness of coins with the sample under study. If the technical differences are within acceptable standards, values​​, details of registration there is no deviation from the reference sample and on the surface of the coin there is no trace of mechanical stress, it is likely that the coin was genuine.

People’s interest in gold coins – the precious metal itself and the cost of its products – have attracted a lot of various criminal elements. But sometimes in conflict with the criminal code and are just curious, passionate lovers of artifacts. Not to fall foolishly in an unpleasant situation, one must know when the cases in which criminal liability for the manufacture of gold coins.