Counterfeit goods of metal detectors

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Counterfeit goods of metal detectors


Once again, buyers of counterfeit goods

A good metal detector can not be characterized by a low cost . Take full advantage of this statement refers to the expensive models that are most often counterfeited . Low price could be a sign of a gray deliveries , resulting in count the warranty can not be . Official and authorized service centers will not accept for repair machines imported gray ways. Similarly, the repair is not made of forged metal detectors.

In the recent increase in the sales of metal detectors, manufactured in China . These devices are similar in appearance to their original counterparts, but their technical characteristics, they lose the originals. They can be specified serial numbers, may contain ” license ” labels and stickers with contact information about the manufacturer . Buyer should alert the low cost and the lack of vendor certifications from the manufacturer, which may indicate fraud or the smuggling of goods  . As for the Chinese, they have learned to forge metal detectors so that distinguish them from the original will be extremely difficult.

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Doubtful online stores and those selling metal detectors at different from the average prices should inspire double suspicion. The informal assembly point to the following factors :

– Badly glued stickers or missing license and factory seal
– Lack of information about the importer
– Inconsistency country of origin
– Explicit inconsistencies appearance of the original product
– Errors in the names of brands and models
– Non-compliance specifications
– No warranty card
By purchasing a metal detector, you can not count on the warranty repair and service. Be sure to check the seller a certificate indicating the co-operation with the supplier or manufacturer.
Clear signs of fraud :
– No warranty cards and instructions
– Inconsistency appearance of original products
– Explicit differences on packages
– Too undercharge
– The technical specifications , far exceeding the characteristics of the original device
When buying a metal detector is necessary to study the appearance of the unit , ensure the presence of seals and guidance, information about the importer and manufacturer . Once these factors may indicate the originality of the product. Russia officially imported into the detector at any time specified in the warranty card to hand to service or repair warranty . Trade original metal detectors can only official representatives of manufacturing companies.
In no case can not trust the seller , and exhibited low prices for metal detectors . The average price can be found in well-known stores operating in the market for several years and have certificates from manufacturers.

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