crystal pyramid in the bermuda triangle

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Discover Crystal Herman under water in the middle of the Bermuda triangle, determine the quality of pyramids and Crystal and surprise are the size of pyramids top three times from the pyramid of Cheops at Giza, the fact discover underwater glass pyramids in the Bermuda triangle.

At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in the area of the Bermuda triangle is still resting a large Power Crystal of Atlantis, Besides the pyramids in the Bermuda triangle, not so long ago in China was found in the step pyramid in height. The effect of the crystals of Atlantis.

It is worth noting that the pyramid in the Bermuda triangle. White Hall, it was the most powerful crystal of Atlantis. Another huge pyramid, which looks like a Crystal, was photographed and found in the Bermuda triangle, But the mystery of the Bermuda triangle never unraveled before our time, It is impossible not to remember Edgar Cayce prophecies about a huge Crystal, At the bottom of the Bermuda triangle have found sunken city. One of the pyramids made out of glass sculpture is visible in the form of a Sphinx, that there is a pyramid with preserved “energy crystal.