CT-900 Metal Detector

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CT-900 Metal Detector

CT-900 Metal Detector

Product introduction:


This product is widely used in airports, industrial zones, government buildings, schools, hospitals, meeting places, in sports, etc. With high detection sensitivity for detection of 1 cent. When detected large objects can be heard prolonged sound and when it detects small tasks the sound that will be heard will be brief. In addition, it has rechargeable batteries with nickel base that can be used as a separate power supply. And charge the battery inside the detector. (Must match perfectly with the charger).


Product features:


Red LED lighting


Drop-min button: to be able to reduce by 50% the sensitivity of the detector. Can be used on the floor near the which contains a large number of iron and steel rods or used for detecting large metal objects.
Headphone Jack: In this case that the scan results will only know the user, the headphones can be used to enter into the headphone socket.


Technical specifications:


Sensitivity: Φ 2.0 mm Ball
Power: 9 volt battery (6F22ND)
Operating frequency: 13KHz
Consumption: 270mW
Current mode: less than 60mA
Operating temperature:-10 ℃-50 ℃
Net weight: 400 g
Size: 410 * 80 * 40 mm

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