CTX 3030 standard gold detector

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CTX 3030 standard gold detector

CTX 3030 standard gold detector
CTX 3030 standard gold detector




All terrain detector and fully submersible CTX 3030 treasure is the ultimate in high performance. It is as easy to operate as turn and exit to detect, with five predefined search modes and many automatic functions facilitate the use to beginners. Advanced features are easily accessible at the touch of a button for serious searchers.
With a screen LCD color and an advanced object tracking discrimination will find more treasures, even among junk or trash, in all soil conditions.
Enjoy the freedom of wireless audio with the versatility of the built-in speaker or headset option.
With exclusive Minelab integrated GPS, you can browse your favorite locations and record their findings. Transfer your detection information to Google Maps with the application for PC XChange 2. With the CTX 3030 unparalleled performance you will experience the future of discovery!
Unparalleled capabilities to discriminate oxidized iron objects that are a nightmare for all seekers of treasure and gold in Peru and detectors operators anywhere, making it one of the detectors of gold and valuable metals more effective in the world. Look no more, we put on sale metal detectors of the highest quality, such as CTX 3030, and at the best prices.

Main features CTX 3030 standard gold detector

Fully submersible. You have the flexibility of detection on land or underwater, since the CTX 3030 is fully submersible to 3 m (10 ft).
Wireless module (standard package). Have the freedom to detect without their earphones connected to the detector. You can choose between internal speaker and the headphones.
Maximum discrimination FeCo (numerical and graphic with color screen). With resolution of object ferrous (Fe) & conductivity (Co) and the adjustable ID tone profiles, can detect (OK) objects that you want to and ignore (reject) the rest. With tracking and separation of object, you can identify multiple objects simultaneously for accurate detection results.
Coil DD 28 cm (11 ”) aquatic.
GPS location. See where you have been and where he’s going.
Mapping to your PC (using Google Maps). Transfer all configurations and locations of their treasures to your PC using the XChange 2 application. Attach photos and text to their findings. See the locations on Google Maps. You can also download data to the detector for re-explorar.
Quick menus (and smart functions). The Quick Menus give easy access to adjustments in real time. Intelligent functions (sensitivity, noise cancel, Audio, adjusting to the ground) and a user configurable button allow rapid changes to their most used controls while it detects.

Technologies CTX 3030 standard gold detector

FBS 2 uses multiple frequency transmission and transmission of data plate detector to find more objects in conditions of variable terrain.
Smartfind 2 delivery digital processing of signal and discrimination of FeCo precision, with object information in color, for the better identification of objects.
GPSi has high sensitivity for registration of geographic locations accurately.
Wi-Stream creates a flow ultra fast digital data for precise location of objects.

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