Deposits in gold bullion from all sides

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Deposits in gold bullion from all sides

From ancient times to the present day gold belongs to the category of eternal values ​​. Holders of the yellow precious metal in the old days had the respect and authority in society. Today , talking about buying gold , the first thing we mean a profitable investment and saving money at negative economic conditions.

Among all currently available investment buying gold bullion is the most tangible, reliable and at the same time simple. Many people consider investing in gold is impractical due to the fact that it does not bring a quick and relatively high income. About how justified and appropriate to use gold as an investment tool, you can see the article ” Is it profitable to invest in gold? ‘. Here we will look at aspects of investments in bank gold by buying bullion , with all the pluses and minuses.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantage of the precious metals in the form of cash assets is their attractiveness from the point of view of safety and independence. The cost of the asset is not subject to the fulfillment of payment obligations ( financial solvency , bankruptcy ) of any bank , corporation , and even the collapse of the financial system as a whole. Precious metals are indestructible and can not play any of the other components.

Less fat bank bars the imposition of VAT is 18%. When selling even a small ingot purchased as a gift , the bank will include the amount of the tax in the price of bullion , and at the back of the ingot sales tax you paid to the bank no one will return ! In connection with this increase in the price of precious metals by 18% only pay for the cost of buying bullion , but to get a significant income will have to wait well. Many investors , argues in favor term ” holding ” of gold is biased to a period of 10 years or more!

Deposits in gold bullion from all sides

Deposits in gold bullion from all sides

Avoid paying VAT on bullion will be possible only if the gold is not taken outside the bank vault . Leaving the gold in the bank account with the design of the metal custody, you do not pay VAT and decide the question in this way and storing bullion . However, storing the gold in the bank exactly like renting a safe or safety deposit box also costs money . In addition , relying on some bank , you face certain risks deposit box at the bank. Although they are much less than for deposits , but do exist. Therefore, carefully choose the bank that you are going to entrust their gold assets .

The situation has changed dramatically to the cancellation of VAT on operations with precious metals bullion as in most countries with a developed secondary market of precious metals. The issue needs to be addressed for a long time and even went up to the State Duma , but so far the situation has not changed. The burden of the tax is aimed mainly at businesses and organizations jewelry industry , but also private investors with the “go with the same brush .” Bankers believe that the abolition of VAT does not greatly affect the statistics ( 95 % – CHI , 4% – coins ) , as keep the bar – it’s quite troublesome thing .

What you need to know about bank gold?

The ingots can be bought at banks licensed  about transactions with precious metals and providing services to individuals ( list of banks). Prices for bullion banks are set independently. In order to save on the purchase of bank gold is sometimes a significant amount of money , it is better to spend a little time and explore the range and the price of gold in banks, choosing the best option.

And keep in mind that not every bank that sells bullion , is engaged in repurchase . For better cooperation to choose a bank , where you can both buy and sell bullion. There are a couple of reasons : First, you avoid the additional costs of the examination of the ingot , and secondly , the presence of seals “foreign” bank documents to the symbolism of the ingot or other lending institution at the ingot will serve as a basis satisfactory to recognize the state of the ingot and the bank will buy bullion at a lower cost than would have bought the “home” bar .

Price of a gram of gold bullion depends essentially on the weight of the purchased ingot. That is, when buying a small ingot price of 1 gram of gold will be more expensive than purchasing a larger ingot weight. Buy , for example, a gold ingot weighing 1 kg, the cost is much cheaper than buying ten bars of 100 grams. There are a lot of factors that can significantly affect the cost of bank gold , please, read more here “The cost of bullion in the Savings Bank .”

Ingots require careful storage , because gold 999 very soft metal . It is important to check for damage to the ingot , which can be caused by friction bars against each other during transport or drop an ingot. If the damage ingot led to a change in the geometric dimensions or weight of the ingot , the bank will refuse to ransom. Also it is equally important to the ingot state certificate if no certificate unreadable or torn , the ingot is redeemed at a price satisfactory .

When should you buy?


Investments in gold are conservative in nature, which means that the focus is primarily on the conservation savings in the long run. Many experienced investors believe that gold assets should fill in the periods when the price of gold falls to the minimum recorded in the last 5-10 years. And of course no one would dispute that it’s time to invest in gold is considered to crises on the horizon if the devaluation of the national currency , and similar troubles when attachments to other banking products can be very risky and unprofitable.

The growth in investment demand for gold has generated a lot of so -called “weak holders .” These are investors who react very strongly to fluctuations in the foreign exchange market and are willing to sell gold , for example, when the marginal conditions of the exchange or manipulation of central banks to influence the quotes of their currencies . Gold in these cases very quickly and dramatically decreases in value, but that is only a short-term effect : it quickly returned to their positions or even higher.