Depth of detection of metal detectors Minelab

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Depth of detection of metal detectors Minelab

As you probably have noticed , none of the companies does not publish data on the depth of detection of metal detectors , or indicated by the results of laboratory tests alone , far removed from the actual search terms in the soil. In other words, the field tests , in contrast to the laboratory , we have to take into account many factors that affect the depth of detection , such as: soil moisture , mineral content ( salinity of the soil ) and much more , with the mineralization of the soil can be considered as the main factor influencing the depth . Thus, when it comes to depth of detection, should not be inspired by the manufacturer or seller of advertising , claiming that it is a constant, and clearly know that the depth is determined by many variables , including not only the properties of the soil, but also how long the object lain in the ground, its size , the material from which the set , etc.

The main metal detector in the ability to capture the desired signal from the target in spite of all obstacles, which are abundant in the real situation . To achieve this noble goal aimed at this time tremendous scientific , engineering, and manufacturing strength , increasing the potential that we all contribute , giving is not small money for modern metal detectors . And since money is really a lot , the buyer does not hurt to understand the technology, such as multi-frequency BBS, FBS, MPS, dual voltage DVT, Double D.
Depth of detection of metal detectors Minelab
Thus, the multi-frequency detectors that use a large range of frequencies , not just ignore the good mineralization , but also allow equally well to detect both small and large items .

The fact that a high frequency signal , e.g. 72Kgts well reveals small (e.g. 2 mm) objects but unfortunately not able to penetrate deeply into the soil at the surface is rapidly damped . Low-frequency signal , for example, 5 kHz , conversely, will penetrate deep into the soil , but small objects remain available to him .

Now regarding mineralization and hot stones . In fact it’s the same thing, only one small and the other large . And the problems delivers about the same . In the soil there is the concept of ” mineral makeup .” It may be different. Soil can be magnetically saturated salt (beach ), or even any. All this enables the interference may have conductivity similar to metal, and greatly reduces the penetration depth of the signal in the soil. Hot stones is just a stones that are able to give feedback , like the good nuggets or coin , as have a conductivity similar to the metal, and as a rule no value .

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