Depth DRS FX II gold nuggets detector

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Depth DRS FX II gold nuggets detector


Detector gold (gold nuggets) deep DRS FX II has a great performance, is a metal detector muti-purpose. It is designed to find gold and it has been manufactured with the guarantee of the superior technology of Germany. The latest technology has been used in the production of this exceptional metal detector. It is the detector of gold that you have been looking for, because of its ergonomics, lightness, and that can work for long hours.
Depth DRS FX II gold nuggets detector

Depth DRS FX II gold nuggets detector


The DRS FX II sets new standards in the detection and the search for gold. It is now easier to find gold nuggets includes a broad spectrum of objectives that will more small. With the help of the new configuration of the ground, the DRS FX II works with ease and precision in difficult soils, such as highly mineralized soils. Its most noteworthy features are the ability to discriminate metals and the calculation of depth.


DRS FX II is very sensitive to small objects of gold. One gets to deeper places in comparison with other detectors of metals of the same type. Only these features are enough to put you in a more advantageous position in the other search engines.


DRS FX II is mainly designed to work properly in the most difficult field and the soil conditions. It also works without losing performance in hot and cold weather conditions. It is very obvious that the DRS FX II is undoubtedly the best choice for the search engines who live in several places of the world, such as North or African countries.


DRS FX II is a gold nuggets detector, has been created for seekers of gold and coins, whether professional or beginner, looking for high performance and an easy-to-use detector.


The DRS FX II has a very easy to use system that he adapts to the needs of any user, especially for beginners. Simply use the settings default to start looking like a pro.


If you have been looking for a great gold detector, this is right in front of you. Don’t waste your time.


The best detection depth, just turn it on.
Automatic elimination of the noise of the ground system.
LCD screen and easy-to-use menu system.
A versatile sound detection system to detect different objectives.
It also has a manual ground noise removal system.
Coils of search to test water and a large coil “Fort Hood” for mineralized soils.
Perfect metal discrimination.
More hours of work in the field and long-lasting lithium polymer battery system.


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