DETECH SS5100 with 1 meter frame + disc 45cm

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 DETECH SS5100 with 1 meter frame + disc 45cm


DETECH SS5100 is the big brother of the most popular of the detectors to induction for mass, the DETECH SS5100 which is the reference for 7 years. Now the DETECH Corporation has improved its “3100” in several areas and proposes a big mass detector offering a better discrimination of the ferrous. There is also much cheaper than the other high PI’s range that are the LORENZ and the GROUND EXPER. The DETECH SS5100 comes with a framework for the detection of large objects & piping up to several metres deep.


The DETECH SS5100 is faster to adjust the effect of start, has a wider screen, several new features but still simple to use. Everything is controlled by microprocessor which confers greater comfort and better performance than the 3100.

DETECH SS5100 with 1 meter frame + disc 45cm



For 10 years, the DETECH Corporation is the world leader in manufacturing discs and offers exception in pulse induction (series PHC) sensors and VLF (series eds.). This know-how, you find yourself in this detector which comes with a drive of 45cm for locations or the frame does not pass. The DETECH SS5100 therefore enjoys a new wider screen you indicating the nature of the object (ferrous or non-ferrous) as well as an idea of its depth. This is one of the only machines to induction pulsed to discriminate some ferrous big thanks to its built-in magnetometer. With DETECH SS5100 you can begin to detect quickly thanks to the automatic compensation of effects of soil (Auto) system which will prevent you from losing precious minutes to recalibrate your machine at each change of field/height detection. It is still faster and more automated than for the DETECH SS5100. It works with a NIMH battery (no memory effect) last generation that provides him with a very good autonomy. If the latter were to show signs of weakness, an external battery adapter worked with batteries allows you to end your session of detection by taking the relay from internal battery NIMH.


Technical specifications DETECH SS5100:


-Pulse induction detector
-Monitoring and analysis of the signal by microprocessor
-Setting automatic or manual of the effects of soil
-Retro meter illuminated indicating the nature and the approximate depth of the target
-Discrimination of the ferrous
-Mode static all metals
-Delivered with external battery
-The housing with battery weight: 720 g

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