Detector deep FX 3000 search of coins

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Detector deep FX 3000 search of coins


This metal detector is a specialist in search of coins, the depth to which it can detect them is really incredible. With the FX 3000, you can find a one euro coin, at a depth of 40 to 50 cm. gifted with an excellent system able to search quickly and practice.


Nothing will happen you overlooked. It is made to detect small, such as coins and nuggets objects. But it also works very well for seekers of treasures, adventurers and researchers, manufactured with top quality German technology. It is a special design for the detection of currencies, it has the best features of discrimination within its range.
Detector deep FX 3000 search of coins

Detector deep FX 3000 search of coins


In view of its great features, its price is a bargain. He works hard and mineralised grounds with accurate detection and an excellent depth. It is not only for experts, but also for beginners. It provides a deep and stable metal detection.


Main features. Coin detector. The desire of any fan in search of coins, a detector specialized in coins and small objects that is deep and which discriminate seamlessly detected targets. FX 3000 was designed specifically to detect small objects.

gold metal detector drs coinhunter FX 3000



You can work in difficult terrain and also has the option of automatic ground balance. Automatic and manual ground balance. The minerals do not affect you. Perfect discrimination. Now don’t waste no more time, money or effort. Digging only to find objects without value or scrap is over, anyone who has some experience driving  metal detectors will know how frustrating it is, because this is a constant concern.


Rechargeable high duration, twelve hours of continuous operation and ten hours to load. Just turn it on and you can already start to detect. Adjustable elimination of the interference of the soil and the environment. Easily detect objects that other detectors could not locate in mineralized soil. Advanced depth.


Browse and discover coins, jewels and treasures much deeper. Ergonomic design of the handle, lightweight, practical and effective. Sound detection. You can distinguish between valuable and non-valuable objects by means of different tones. It has 2 coils, water proof, these coils with the adventure begins seriously.

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