Detector electromagnetic impulse system hacks

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Detector electromagnetic impulse system hacks, this device works on revealing very modern electronic systems
To insure the process detect and clear comfortable and fast, without any hassles as primal electromagnetic devices deployed in the market, this device features a high clarity and precision revealed and is not affected by anything from soil and climate factors such as salinity, humidity and heat, this device identification and detection objectives underlying mineral and determine their locations with accuracy and professionalism, equipped with electronic tuning control systems compatible with soil automatically, And digital screen (digital) co-ordinates search and explains which adjust the machine and adjust the power search and hack, works on two device detects any precious metals gold, silver, Platinum and non-metals such as iron and precious Tin, aluminum, scrap iron, explores the goals and penetrate the soil through two search search and detection unit measuring up to depth 1X1 10 metres circular detection unit measuring 35 cm X 35 cm up to depth of 5 meters.

Detector electromagnetic impulse system hacks

Specifications and features:
· Discover the underlying metal device and store precious underground wherever they exist in the walls or in homes or in tombs and caves.
· The device works on digital electronic search system (digital) and easy to use.
· Discover the depth of 10 meters
· That it captures the needed goals from 5 meters
· The device provider automatic control and automatic systems.
· LCD screen shows all data disclosure.
· Distinguish between precious and non-precious metals.
· System control by choosing a search for all metals or distinction between system minerals.
· Sound system and sound power
· Mute system
· Electronic digital indicator system to determine the size of the target with pinpoint accuracy
· Illustration of system sensitivity running machine
· Tension control system of frequency almo’ih number of pulses emerging.
· Light control system run it or switch it off
· Specifies the size of the object and sets its depth accurately in digital form and directly on the screen.
· Provider and manufacturer of State-of-the-art methods and the latest electronic detection and pieces of the finest electronic and plastic plastics and sensitive devices and the latest software and computer systems the exact automatic detector.
· The device works in all weather conditions and at all levels of temperature and humidity and is not affected by any factors or barriers of rock or metal.
· Device designed to work worldwide in all terrains and in all levels of rugged.
· Is not affected by any radar waves as waves and wireless devices.
· Is not affected by any thermal radiation or metal as coming out of volcanic rock and mineral rocks.
· The device provider high-level systems and effectively assert for Navigator and give him full confidence and mounting a target if it exists, and if it does not exist illustrate the absence of something.
· The device works on internal battery power 24 volt rechargeable.
· Battery operated for 7 hours of work.
Results and data:
· Initially we walk the area where target expected gives device:
· If there are objective and password from above target small research unit gives beep device directly above the target and shows on the screen size and depth and its name directly gives reindeer for the metal.
· Specifies the device size and depth of the detected target directly and automatically.
· Specifies the device place the drilling target.
Parts and components:
· Main machine unit is sending waves and operating unit.
· Electronic digital LCD screen illuminated a great show all data on it.
· Tuning keys and selection keys and navigation.
· Key locks.
· Entrance to the speakers.
· Impulse wave output for connection to a survey.
· Entrance to the shipper.
· Battery lights and silting.
· Headphones.
· Electric charger.
· Charger to charge the device.
· Large search unit measuring 1×1.
· Mini measuring search unit. 35 cmx35 cm
· The rack in the bottom of small research unit.
· Bag to carry the device.
· Bag to carry the entire machine.
· Ensure international group for two years from the date of purchase.
· Ensure that processors for two years.
· Labour and employment Handbook (catalog) in Arabic and English.
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