Deteknix Quest Q20 metal detector

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the model Deteknix Quest Q20, designed to search for old coins. It should be noted that the developers have taken care of the presence of a convenient design, which is easy to fit under the right and left hand. Thanks to the thoughtful assembly of the hands do not get tired even in the long-term operation. Body Waterproof. The software is quite reliable and high-quality, provides interaction with a large number of parameters. Unfortunately, on too much depth with the help of this device The treasure is not found.

A metal detector is a complex device designed to search for metallic objects underground. For most novice users, it is simply a reliable assistant in the search for treasure, including rare coins and precious metals, but in fact more serious. It is impossible to treat the choice of this tool lightly, because under the ground is stored a huge amount of ferrous junk. We offer to consider the top detectors of the year 2018 taking into account customer reviews. Representatives of this top, for sure, will help you find the desired gold, of course, if you are looking for the right place!