DIS 300 laser device

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Smaller metal detectors for gold and treasures

Smaller metal detectors

DIS 300 laser device

Given the diversity of views and ideas of many customers get a contains special features and specifications and be in the form of a small, lightweight, easy-to-use and powerful performance as unanimous all wants and needs in the same request, she stressed the need for such a small device specifications, went immediately in agreement with factories in the United States to begin manufacturing decision to high performance specifications and quality.
And began the process of putting all the ideas and the recommended to create a connection with circular detection of gold and walknosalmdvonh caves and the exact location of the ideas a reality thanks to the invention of a laser pistol.

Specifications and characteristics of the laser gun:

1. the body in the winter with great accuracy in other seasons of the year works at night only, preferably after 10: 00 pm.
2. the body in regular soil zones and rocky likeness
3. the alghazdakhl old houses and walls and castles with good efficiency.
4. in determining the depth of the buried target press key DEPTH depth.
5. alghazmtkhess only detects on precious metals and caves and caves and voids.
6. alghazbsaghralhagm, where yatbrasghrghazalktroni reagent for gold in the world.
7. ease of locomotion, yatbrakhev weight of all other devices at all.
8. simple to use and discover sites in speed and accuracy.
9. to breakneck in goal setting and the midpoint (alsntr).
10. the azalamk efforts of God easily detected target and by a machine (the computer).
11-alghazali four systems for research and exploration.
12. the alghazali 9 volt battery is the change from within 14 hours.
13. weight 300 g only.
14. alghassanaah.

Technical specifications:

1. alghastknet alakhtiarlakchav metal to gold.
2. alghastknet alakhtiarlakchav caves.
3. discover alghaslaamak 12 meters underground, and the large range of goals exploration to 18 meters.
4. alghazbine combines all the techniques and international standards of allizraamh, with unique characteristics and high technology of superior performance.
5. alghazmzod with 12 wave laser is ground sensors for measurement and tracking, and each wave of four doaerlizrih to this scan and search a total of forty-eight laser service, in addition to basic research, which point out through alghazolmsafah 500 sqm. and you are on your site.

How to program a DIS 300 laser:

* GPS discovery metals to gold.
* Select the discovery of the caves.
* Specify the depth of the detected target.
* Yzherali screen digital (digital) automatic system works automatically without any programming.
* By the system (range) is to know the ground balance and tuning by normal soil and through
It is the same in alghazbbermgh seconds.

Components of a DIS 300 laser pistol:

1. alamtaralrkmi directory.
2. four major research systems.
3. digital lit digital display.
4. trigger operating control and closure.
5. modify the capacity release.
6. Guide to open space and discover the depth.
7. hide lighting controller for the device screen.
8. sensitive (towards the target Explorer).
9. asadarmogh of laser rays high flow.
10. choosing the system console as you need.
11. main unit llghastkon to form a gun is easy to drive.
12. touch control keys to find out the direction of the target-the target ID-alsntr-depth.
13. Console quality laser rays and hide them while maintaining the same time.
14. measure and discovers alghazmn (-20 C to 538 C) and to the dimensions and depths.
15. ensure that international for one year.
16. CD tutorial.
17. leather bag waterproof and heat insulation to save alghazohmaith.
Detecting and prospecting for gold and burials and treasures and relics and groundwater and petroleum
Made in USA

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