Disadvantages of pulse metal detectors

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Disadvantages of pulse metal detectors

The Pulse metal detector  Can not distinguish between different types of metals , does not have the same degree of discrimination as a VLF metal detector.

There have been many attempts to create a pulse detector capable of distinguishing iron, silver and copper, but all these attempts had very limited success. There is a detector with two coils and having a function of discrimination, but from a practical point of view it is of little .

Small degree of discrimination makes the use of pulse metal detectors in search of places with a high concentration of metallic debris is extremely difficult. Detectors are best used in the salt water or highly saline soils , where other types of detectors problems .

Disadvantages of pulse metal detectors

Disadvantages of pulse metal detectors

Pulse metal detectors are not very useful for finding coins in urban environments because they can not filter out the iron trash. This is a specialized search tools . They can be used to search for archaeological areas, where there is no iron in large amounts of debris , searching for gold nuggets to hunt for meteorites and to find the maximum depth in extreme conditions, such as the coast of the sea or the place where the ground is heavily mineralized . PI technology shows excellent results in similar conditions