Discover your style, know your metal detector

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Discover your style, know your metal detector

After discovering your own style of exploration, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different options proposed by a metal detector. More buttons does not mean more sophistication, detectors manufacturers employ people to reflect on the ergonomics of their machines, always keep this in mind. On the other hand, they probably will let you better set your alarm, more finely in any case (this depends of your level). Thus those who have experience in the detection will know precisely how to adjust their machine, in contrast to beginners. So if you are not confirmed in the detection of leisure, a multi-frequency sensor you will be totally useless and may even harm your finds.

Discover your style, know your metal detector



Obviously, the market is as it is and you won’t find any proper metal detector less than €150, fly low prices or unknown brands. Yet once I advise you the garrett ACE 250 because it was mine and I know him on the tips of the fingers, however there are other high-performance sensors in the same range of fares on the market. Hear just over your budget will be high, more your metal detector will be advanced, however this is not always a good thing, it depends on you. However some €500 machines can be much more effective than others at €200.

Know what you want to save


What is the end word of this article? Quite simply, know exactly what to look for before you start looking for your metal detector. If you’re a beginner in metal detection it may be worthwhile to buy a machine with already defined presets. If you’re a little more experienced, perhaps just a more sophisticated machine will suit you better to find your treasures.


If you take the time to reflect on all these criteria and inform you about the different metal detectors that are suitable to your expectations, you prospecterez in good condition and will be more inclined to find things interesting (coins..) and suitable to your expectations. This is done, think also about the head of your metal detector, it is extremely important and can vary greatly the performance of the latter.

Choose the good head for your detector


In broad terms, over the head is small more your metal detector will be sensitive to small parts and other objects because it focus the signal on a smaller area, on the other hand, the large detection heads allow you detection more in depth but on larger objects. If you detect in some polluted places a large head is often welcome, on the other hand if you prospect mostly on beaches, do not hesitate to equip your small head metal detector so as to more easily detect jewelry or gold objects.


Get to know your metal detector and the options that it offers to the good things at the right depth. There are two important factors to consider when your output detection:


Each metal detector is designed to meet different needs depending on the type of search object or the level of the prospector. A model addressed to the beginner will therefore not have the same capabilities that a model that caters to experienced prospectors but will be simpler to use.
The depth is extremely important, if you buy a model created to look very deeply then it will be probably too sensitive for the majority of the places in which you prospecterez

Some tips on the depth


The depth to which your metal detector will be able to find objects will therefore depend on several environmental factors. Electro-magnetic fields (lines at high voltage, cell phones, storms, effects of soil, pollution, size of the target…).


The majority of the treasures you will find in the ground using your metal detector will be included between 15 and 20 cm in the soil. It is therefore useless for use of leisure to buy a more powerful than this metal detector.

Adjust detector sound oneself, for or against?


Some metal detectors allow you to manual settings to compensate for the effects of soils or manually manage discrimination. Most of the time presets are good and did not need to be changed, choose so the right model of metal detector that fits your lifestyle.


For a confirmed prospector, choose a manual machine because you have assimilated what was a ground effect, you know the detection and know when the metal detector is not set correctly.