Dowsing to find minerals and water

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Dowsing to find minerals and water

Different views on dowsing and search that way and some of them say that the benefit of detecting water and minerals in this way but many had thought otherwise, you develop this way is still continuing some metals and neutralize, search for a specific metal is not difficult to know (vaccination) and I know people have experience so that it can locate the pool water using dowsing rods and the discovery of the empty areas beneath the Earth in this manner also.

These are some of the views on dowsing rods as they say

Dowsing, also known as divining or doodlebugging, is seen by many as a simple superstition whereby adherents claim to be able to find water, precious metals, oil and other unseen substances deep within the earth. They do this by tapping into some unknown force that impels a forked branch they are holding to be drawn in a downward direction over these hidden items, thereby exposing its location and minimizing the amount of digging that has to take place.
The practitioners of dowsing are, of course, its strongest adherents. Many believe, for example, that they can find potable water, determine how deep it is, and how fast it flows. Walking over an area suspected to contain an underground stream, the diviner’s rod, often a two pronged branch of a willow or hazel tree, is brought down sometimes with astounding force over an underground stream and whose direction of flow can be mapped by the variations in this force as the dowser moves towards or away from its flow.
Besides tree branches, divining L shaped rods can also be used. These will align themselves with the flow of water in a pipe, or cross over each other if it’s an object of some sort. Coat hangers, and rods made of plastic and glass have also been used with some success. Some diviners use pendulums from which is suspended a crystal or a piece of metal. The direction the pendulum moves establishes the location.
Others ask the pendulum a question, and the direction the pendulum moves determines whether the answer to the question is a yes or no. First questions determine whether the left right or up down motions mean yes or no, after which other questions can be asked with the pendulum providing the answers. A pad or cloth with the words “yes” or “no” on it, as well as other words drawn within a circle simplify the reading of the pendulum’s answers.
The paranormal claims and unalloyed certitude of dowsers has been questioned and tested on many occasions. Some believe that the ideomotor effect is the true explanation for the otherwise inexplicable movements of dowsing rods. This is an involuntary movement caused by a thought process or an idea rather than a sensory stimulation, in which the subconscious knowledge or perception of the dowser is the underlying source of influence.
Whether the search method with a successful brass skewers or not the immersion of the foot has been used to detect water and minerals as the ancient Romans also sticks used in locating water dowsing rods theme remains the insight you need to develop, especially at a time when the spread of metal detectors and high price tag, most hardware does not give good results, but are mere propaganda and mass of wires not used and lead to the loss of money and effort.