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DRS GROUND EXPER metal detector
Metal detector developed by DRS GROUND EXPER German technology specifically for the use of Researchers and adventurers and explorers.


Thanks  DRS GROUND EXPER search standards substantially change the hoards. This metal detector, best metal detectors in Europe. It differs from other metal detectors, superior detection depth and unparalleled graphics properties.


Metal detector DRS GROUND EXPER ,data-processing  has a touch Tablet PC and the Windows operating system 7. The battery of the detector allows you to continuously work to 8 Hours . Metal detector comes with three interchangeable search coils, as well as additional accessories.


drs ground exper metal detector


Treasure hunt


Until now, the biggest problem for treasure hunters is their response of the detector to the metal debris that is on the site searches. Cans of beer and lemonade, cans, rusty nails, metal, Cork, horseshoes and other rusty metal — all this plenty now in the open. And during the search metal detector reacts to the metal debris and misleading, causing bitter disappointment to treasure hunt. According to the producer, the only metal detector that can identify not valuable metal, metal debris and help avoid unnecessary not works on his  is DRS GROUND EXPER.

Graphic data processing

The metal detector is equipped with DRS GROUND EXPER processing  graphics, not available in other Metal Detectors. You won’t believe your eyes, but DRS GROUND EXPER will show the image target even before the excavation.


Is easy to use. Plug and play


The device does not need to be tuned. The work of DRS GROUND  EXPER soil and do not influence  minerals. Metal detector ideal for beginners. Turn on your device and start to search for. No configuration is required on the ground.


Search modes


Five search modes (gold, precious metals, metals, iron, high quality all metal). Metal detector allows you to enter the data of the corresponding metal and only to find it. Conversely, you can lock the device to detect a certain metal. Thanks to the excellent quality of separation of metals, DRS GROUND EXPER saves time and labor.

Protection against electrical interference tweak


With one button metal detector DRS GROUND EXPER can get rid of the noise and electromagnetic interference. This metal detector can easily discover every goal that was missed by other detectors on the mineral surface.


Advanced Search depth


Metal detector allows you to search for a considerable depth.


Ergonomic handle


The length of the detector can be adjusted to comfortable work. Easy, practical and effective.


Tablet Pc


The metal detector is supplied with a Tablet PC, running Windows 7 with Internet connection, skype, wi-fi. All functions of the detector can be controlled via the touchscreen tablet.


Graphic data processing


The metal detector is equipped with drs ground exper metal detector data processing system is not available in other detectors. You can watch the underground photography purposes. You can find out all information about the object even before its digging.


Search coils

drs ground exper

In addition to the three standard search coils you can buy 2 search coils or 2 × 3 × 3 m depending on the depth of searches, you can select the desired spool.



Technology — PI (pulse induction)
Frequency — 205.8 Hz
Coils (standard): 8.86/17.71/39.37 lightweight, waterproof
Tablet PC Intel Atom Z670 1, 5 GHz, 10.1 “1366 × 768 screen resolution, touch
Windows 7 Home Premium
Webcam, built-in 1.3 Mp,
Memory 32 Gb
Depth indicator
Discrimination of 10 channels
Real time data transfer
Automatic balancing of soils
Sensitivity adjustment
Lithium Ion battery 12 V/12.4 V DC/8Ah
Low battery indicator — a voice warning/video
1100-1350 mm: metal detector length 
Metal detector weight 3500 GR
3 year manufacturer’s warranty.