Earth Imager eXp 4000

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Earth Imager eXp 4000

The next generation. Due to the use of advanced Mercedes technology, these machines also visualize underground
Mercedes machine featuring the underground allows this advanced technology compared to a depth of up to 25 m very easy handling and possible without laptop. Unit of measure
The unit includes data immediately on the color screen. All data measured will be stored in free memory Visualizer 3D and can be transferred to the computer to assess and report the depth, size, and location of our goals
Has many different functions in particular fishermen’s treasure. So:
-Mineral concession and cavitation
-Easy handling and CD-ROM devices
-No mobile computer is required to work
-To ease the work with eXp 4000

Earth Imager eXp 4000

: After evaluating the picture you can see
-Display of differential body
-A leading to stability during the measurement
-Definition of the touching to
Download the complete information sheet here
EXp 4000 comprehensive services for
Only one point that makes it a unique treasure. Every single good for purpose of investigation. So you can work the following antennal
-Touched JP RN (25 cm, 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm)
-Touched the metal discrimination (urged pulse)
-Touched to find tunnel
-Excellent sensitizer to clear high resolution ground
EXp 4000 with light weight and is only 1400 grams
Perfect for a quick search of the area. The integrated colour screen usable also for night search. And also in the sunlight, the display is very clear compared to mobile computer
Technical specifications
-Electric processing: 15 Volts
Weight: 1400 g
-57.800 tested 2
-Processor: 300 MHz
-Working memory: 32 MB SD seen any or
-Memory: 128 MB
-Battery run time: 3 hours
-Waterproof: no
-Maximum depth: 25 m
Based on eXp 4000 extradition
-Processing an external charger and electric wire (12 Volt)
(Cm GPR (25 yesterday
-User Guide
-< < Optional data wire (3D Visualizer)
-< < Optional discrimination has touched
-< Touched to reveal spending < optional
-Optional < < cm) GPR (100 touched
-Optional < < cm) GPR (75 yesterday
-< Fax (25 cm) < optional
-Excellent sensitizer < chose j
Professional eXp 4000 extradition
-Pregnant women
-External power supply with charger and cord (12 Volt)
-(Cm GPR (25 yesterday
-Steering wheel
-User Guide
-Data cable (3D Visualizer)
-Touched for discrimination
-Touched to detect tunnels
-Fax (100 cm)
-Touched JP RN (75 cm)
-GPRS touched (50 cm)
-Excellent feeler